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Vision360 - Diamond and Jewellery 360 Degree Photography System (Diamond HD Movie)

April 15, 2014 - Surat, Gujarat, India

Vision360 (patent filed) is latest innovation from “A Royal co.” especially developed for Diamond (Polished & Rough) & Jewellery.
It provides you a complete 360-degree interacting display online & offline. With vertical 360° Diamond viewing technology (Pioneer in the world) which will remove all uncertainties and you can see actual Diamond with high clarity in design, Shape, cut, colour with exact locations of Inclusion and other impurities just like in your own hand, 360° viewing technology enable you to experience the real touch and feel of the diamond and it allow businesses to communicate more effectively. It’s an ideal solution for Diamond manufacturer, retailers, eCommerce companies and buyer around the world, also for online Diamond & Rough auction, B2B & B2C segment. It's increasing customers list shows that Vision360 is rapidly setting new standard for an online diamond inventory & auction in the diamond industry.
It’s intelligent software driven Diamond imaging solution, which offer Vertical (Only in the world) & disc view. This technology make you able to see diamond & jewellery via website & email so lively, Moreover its easily synchronised with any ERP or software & able to open on any device like PC, Mac, Tablet/iPad and Smartphones without any software. Best part of Vision360 is, it’s a package deal once you purchase machine then everything is under your control, no third party interference, No hosting charges, etc. If you have 500 Carats turnovers then ROI is only 1 Year, compare to services available in market.
Advantage with Vision360 is its vertical view; it’s the only machine in the world with an easy holding vertical view (up to 98% diamond visibility) & its unique holding position make so convenient for it’s user & viewer. Moreover its provide multiple functions like Magnification, Eye-scan, Grey scale, Complete 360, Only Front/ Back/ Right/ Left with information button which can easily fetch these information from ERP Automatically or Manually. We feel very proud that approximately 30,000 stones are scanned & uploaded to online inventory systems around the world from different customers & their machines.
Although it is gaining popularity in Diamond world, 360-degree automatic photography is still in its infancy. Utilising this type of tool on website will give a distinct advantage. Soon it will be a new “C” to Diamond industry. Attractive announcement by company’s CEO that company is working on vision360’s advance version & will update its first 50 premium customers with minimal cost.
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Source: Business Wire India


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