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Twelve Sherpa guides killed in worst avalanche on Mount Everest

April 18, 2014 - Kathmandu

  • At least 12 Sherpa guides were killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest.
  • According to the Nepalese Tourism Minister, the Sherpas were killed when an avalanche struck as they were fixing ropes for other climbers.
  • The avalanche struck happened at an altitude of 5,800 meters. Six people were injured and four others went missing.
  • A climber who witnessed the avalanche said that it came out of no where suddenly.
  • Four helicopters were put in for the search and rescue operation, said joint secretary for the Tourism Ministry Madhu Sudan Burlakoti.
  • The Sherpa guides bear more risk as they take up laborious task like fixing ropes to help climbers.
  • More than 4000 climbers have scalped the summit and 200 people were killed since Edmund Hillary scaled the mountain.
  • The worst recorded disaster was on May 11, 1996 that caused deaths of eight climbers.
  • Nepal attracts huge number of visitors in the months of April and May as it is the perfect season for climbing.

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