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Rockland Shares its Unique Healthcare Delivery Model at the Hitachi – NDTV Social Innovation Forum

November 24, 2014 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hitachi in association with the NDTV network organized a one day conference on “Social Innovations for Future” on Friday in Delhi.  The forum brought together industry leaders, domain experts, thought leaders, policy makers and senior representatives from related industries to a series of panel discussions focusing on different aspects of the subject.

In this conference, Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Urban Development, highlighted the focus of his government on smart cities and the importance of medical facilities in these smart cities. He appreciated the efforts of global groups like Hitachi in contributing to the development of India.  Mr Lov Verma, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, shared the government’s plan of creating a chain of cancer centres across India. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences was represented by Dr PK Julka who raised several practical constraints to scaling up the level of cancer care in India. Mr Ichiro Lino, Managing Director, Hitachi India, shared his organization’s deep commitment to contributing to India in the areas of infrastructure, environment and healthcare.

Rockland was invited to share its unique model of healthcare delivery as a strategic partner of Hitachi since 2012. Rockland presented its integrated healthcare delivery mechanism during this conference. The model connects the patients with medical services through an IT & Telecom interface in remote areas with centres of excellence in large cities in a seamless manner. It provides access to quality healthcare in remote areas and reduces the cost of treatment due to early diagnosis. Rockland has played a significant role in connecting Japan with India in the area of healthcare in the last few years. Hitachi & Rockland Hospitals have taken several steps forward by signing MOUs for setting up Cancer Centres at Rockland Manesar, Rockland Qutab, Rockland Dwarka & Rockland Noida.  The MOUs include a plan to link up Rockland Hospitals with the Hitachi Data Systems for data storage and analytics which is the first of its kind in India and will vastly improve the clinical protocols.

AIIMS has recognized Hitachi – Rockland consortium for engaging with AIIMS for joint projects on data analytics, large volume storage and data-centre infrastructure creation. The work is already in progress in these areas with the active co-operation of the Japanese Government. The first secretary of Japan had recently visited AIIMS along with the Rockland team and pledged Japan’s support in converting AIIMS building into a green building and also expressed a keen desire in promoting Japan- India collaboration in healthcare.

The Hitachi- Rockland collaboration in creating Cancer Centres will go a long way in benefiting the cancer patients as there are only few comprehensive cancer care hospitals in India and these too are concentrated in the metros. At times a patient has to travel a distance of up to 500 Kms for cancer treatment in the country. This indicates a clear need for getting closer to the patient. The Rockland Healthcare Delivery Mechanism resolves the last leg connectivity challenges of creating awareness, early diagnosis and early treatment by connecting the entire network of service providers through technology.

Cancer today is a global challenge. “Japan has the protocol, knowledge and technology to fight it and India has world-renowned IT talent, doctors, nurses and support Staff with a low cost advantage. A combination of the strengths of the two countries can help not only India but go a long way in contributing to the rest of the world. This is, however, just the beginning and the future will see a lot of collaboration between Japan & India in several other areas of healthcare” said Rajesh Srivastava, Chairman, Rockland Hospitals. 

Source: Business Wire India


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