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May 8, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

PriceKart is a new phenomenon that will bring in a host of convenience, time saving and cost benefits to the online shoppers. Developed by Mumbai-based Digital Webwise, this is a simple Chrome add-on that one can install for free. The add-on helps find the most affordable deals in a chosen product segment from a number of online stores, ensuring the best cost saving deals for online shoppers. Moreover, it also brings several other benefits that can greatly enhance the online shopping experience of the online buyers.

Digital Webwise, a Mumbai, India based web development agency, has developed a Chrome add-on that one can use for price comparison of products from different online stores to get the best deal. The free to install add-on has several advantageous features that are going to influence the e-commerce industry in a big way.

Indian e-commerce industry is heading ahead in a big manner. According to Mumbai-based Crisil Research, Indian e-commerce sector will become a 504-billion rupees industry in the next three years. More and more Indian retail companies are going online to lure the customers available online. McKinsey & Co reports that there will be more than 500 million internet users in India by 2015, and a significant proportion of that will carry out online transactions on a regular basis. All these put emphasis on a shiny Indian e-commerce industry ahead.

However, with the emergence of new internet-based retailers, consumers often find it more time-consuming to find the most suitable deal available in the online world. Searching a number of online stores one-by-one and comparing prices online could be a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is the reason why has been introduced to simplify the process of online shopping, bringing consumers the best choices in their chosen product segment. It allows comparing prices of an array of products, including books, apparels and fashion accessories, electronic gadgets and lots more. Remarkably, allows comparison of 10 million books from different publishers and authors and which is the largest volume that it scours quickly to bring in the most targeted results for a consumer.

The Digital Webwise team is upbeat about this Chrome add-on launch. When asked what inspired them to create this free Chrome add-on, the CoFounder of the company, Mehul Sanjay Gajra states, “Soon Indian e-commerce industry is going to take an oceanic shape and our aim is to help consumers find the best deals and add savings to their shopping carts.”

According to Mehul, there are several key features in PriceKart that will redefine the online shopping experience of the modern consumers.
  • This Chrome extension covers a wide range of product categories and a number of leading online stores, and makes sure that a consumer will get the best deal in his/her chosen product segment.
  • It helps in finding the best prices for a chosen product from different online stores. There is no need to visit different online stores one by one. One can go to the product of his/her choice on any online store and the add-on will reveal the prices of the same or similar products available in different stores.
  • It brings in best discount coupons to ensure most affordable online deals to the consumer, allowing huge cost savings on their online purchasing.
  • It has premium features like Price Drop Alert Notification, It sends E-mail and SMS alerts updating about price drop of any product(s) at chosen online stores, allowing consumers to shop for their favorite products at the best possible prices.

This feature-rich Chrome extension is supposed to influence the shopping pattern of the modern consumers, and the online stores will be able to draw the attention of the buyers through the shopping comparison, price alert and online shopping discount mechanism introduced by PriceKart. Recently, Forrester has reported that Indian e-commerce sector is heading for the fastest growth within the Asia Pacific Region with a significant growth rate of around 57%. In such a scenario, the importance of PriceKart becomes more imperative for the online retailers to enhance their business prospects.

In many senses, PriceKart can be appreciated for its well thought-of features that are going to benefit both online shoppers as well as the retailers. The creators of the Chrome add-on are also looking forward to investors who can join them to make it a big phenomenon and contribute towards the growth of the Indian e-commerce industry. Cofounder of PriceKart, Mr. Sagar Anilkumar Shah reveals, “We are open to any serious proposal that can further help us in offering exceptional quality products and services to the burgeoning Indian online retail industry.”

Digital Webwise is offering the PriceKart add-on for free with an objective of helping consumers to take advantage of the discounts and cost-savings available online. It is simple to install and it does its works in an automated manner. In order to install the add-on, one may follow the link or you can simply watch a product demo here
About Digital Webwise

Digital Webwise is a web design and development agency based in Navi Mumbai, India. The company aims at creating cutting-edge products and tools to enhance the experience of the users and helping clients to achieve their business goals. They have created a Smart Shopping Engine Named “PriceKart” to add some savings and enhance the online shopping experience of the modern consumer.

Source: Business Wire India


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