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Plash Digital Labs Launches ‘PLASH’ – A Personalized News and Content Discovery Platform with Applications for Windows 8.1 Tablets and PCs

January 15, 2014 - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Plash Digital Labs today announced the launch of PLASH, a news and content aggregator platform which caters to the entire stakeholder chain – from publishing houses to consumers. The cloud-based platform indexes and curates content from multiple sources which include traditional sources like newspapers and magazines, to new media such as blogs and social media. The platform goes a step further by reformatting content for easy reading on mobile devices, giving consumers a beautifully crafted reading experience.
Platform highlights
Reduced clutter: With digital content being created by the minute, the unending overload of information on the Internet have people resorting to sift through multiple websites to stay informed.
Proprietary algorithms curate and categorize content into interest-based categories. Rather than search for content, users now have content delivered to them by their interest.
Personalization: Advanced personalization algorithms analyze reading habits of users across interests and deliver a highly personalized experience that is more relevant to a user.
Follow and curate: Content curation is not restricted to Plash alone. Plash offers users a novel method of curating personal interests. Users can have their friends, family or extended network follow them on specific interests. This feature is extended even further allowing for eminent personalities, journalists, bloggers on Plash have fans follow them on their interests.
Optimized for mobile internet:  A mobile centric approach coupled with robust server architecture makes content consumption smooth and adaptive with a minimal data footprint.
Expanded reach and insights: A cloud-based platform, Plash offers a value proposition for the entire stakeholder chain.
Publishing houses, bloggers and content creators benefit from the time tested aggregation model. A unified approach provides visibility to previously unserved and undiscovered content while earning an equal footing in the same time amidst more popular content. Insights allow content creators to better understand consumption practices across competitors with known consumers.
Advertisers benefit from new and additional dimensions offered by Plash for more targeted and engaging campaigns.
Consumers receive great, fresh and clutter free content from hundreds of relevant sources via the Plash Apps for Windows 8.1. Plash believes content can be beautiful. The mobile-centric applications have been designed by unifying design concepts of e-book readers and modern design principles. The exquisite detailing of the UI powered by robust server architecture makes content consumption smooth and adaptive on any form of internet connection.
The application
The PLASH application is currently available for Windows 8.1 tablets and PC’s. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the Windows Store.
Joseph Landes, General Manager – Development and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation (India):
“We are excited about the launch of Plash, which is now available on the Windows Store. With the vast amounts of information now available, Plash offers consumers an effective way to aggregate news and information from various sources for easy and personalized reading on mobile devices.”
About Plash Digital Labs
Plash Digital Labs Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based technology startup focused on building cloud-based mobile products. Our flagship product is a personalized news and content discovery platform.
Plash currently offers content across 200 categories and over 60 publications, covering 9 languages. 

Source: Business Wire India


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