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MeritTrac Partners with Proxor to Launch First-of-its-Kind Software Developer Certification

June 12, 2014 - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

MeritTrac, India's largest testing and assessment company today announced its partnership with Proxor (a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff) to launch India's first standardized certification of software development ability. Developed from years of research at Carnegie Mellon University, this certification could soon be the benchmark for all aspiring software developers. For a company involved in software development, this will provide a reliable means of benchmarking software development capability within the company as well as setting the bar for aspirants wanting to join them.

The issue of skills shortage in India’s IT sector (among the largest in the world) is a well-documented one. The irony of the situation is that there are so many more people who could be employed by the ever increasing demand for the right skills in the IT sector, if the candidates had the ability to develop software.

To overcome this gap, plenty of training service providers has been established. But most, if not all, of them focus on providing programming language expertise rather than assess and train ability to develop software at a conceptual level. This has led to very large number of graduates undergoing courses in various languages without grasping the core concepts of software development.

As a result, we are left with resources that have been certified on various programming languages, yet lack the ability to write code for real life situations. Due to dearth of resources, companies have resorted to hiring these candidates who later undergo long training to be job-ready. This has had huge productivity and cost ramifications for these companies.

The need of the hour clearly is to assess ability to code and work on interventions accordingly. To achieve this, gaps in ability have to be identified accurately using a standardized assessment process. This is where Proxor comes in.

With this partnership MeritTrac will offer companies and colleges, Proxor’s Authentic ExaminationsTM – starting with the flagship product, the Software Developer Examination. This is an authentic examination of software development capability, requiring examinees to demonstrate, in a proctored environment, the skills that are needed on the job. Proxor test-takers are tested and graded based on their ability to actually write software to an internationally acceptable standard.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. VasuSaksena, Chief Executive Officer, MeritTrac said “Technology companies have been consistently challenged by the quality of software developers – particularly at the entry levels. Candidates also want to differentiate their candidature with credible certifications. A scientifically designed assessment that accurately measures the test-takers' ability to program realistic problems in a professional software development environment is the need of the hour. We are glad to be associated with Proxor in offering Authentic ExaminationsTM. The assessment designed by Proxor in association with Carnegie Mellon University and delivered by MeritTrac will help the industry to hire work-ready high quality software developers.”

Sharing their delight over offering this solution to the Indian market Mr. Barrington Hill, Chief Executive – Proxor said “The Indian IT industry employs nearly 3 million people and is adding 180,000 new positions this year alone. Making sure these new hires can do the job is critical to India’s success in providing software products and services to the global market. That’s why Proxor is partnering with MeritTrac. Proxor’s Authentic ExaminationTM, developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and delivered via the highly secure testing processes employed by MeritTrac, will provide companies and training organizations with the most accurate and reliable assessment of whether a software developer will succeed in the workplace”.
The Authentic ExaminationsTM will be available for individuals from the month of July 2014. The certification is expected to enhance likelihood of candidates in getting jobs in IT industry as they will prove to be readily deployable in billable projects.

To know more about the certification please log on to or write to

About MeritTrac:

MeritTrac is India’s Largest Testing & Assessment services company in the private sector. MeritTrac provides innovative assessment services to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities.  

MeritTrac, a Group company of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) and with over thirteen years of experience, has been developing and administering tests for over 400 customers in more than 350 cities through 2000 certified test centres. As a pioneer in the testing space, MeritTrac has been leveraging its ISO certified test processes in transforming the way examinations are managed and delivered in India. MeritTrac’s services offer great reliability, quality and security for consistently delivering large examinations.

Leading Corporates, Universities, Examination Boards and Governments have trusted MeritTrac to streamline its examinations – leveraging MeritTrac’s rich experience and robust technology framework. With a wide range of best of breed offerings, MeritTrac has successfully helped Institutions automate its examination processes from application forms processing to examination delivery including candidate authentication to digital evaluation of answer scripts.
About Proxor:
Proxor Limited was formed to bring Authentic Examination™ of high demand workplace skills to the global market.  Its flagship product, the Software Developer Examination—developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, the world’s leader in the education and training of software developers—was designed to accurately and inexpensively evaluate software development skills.  Proxor’s innovative performance-based approach predicts workplace capabilities rather than knowledge or background by directly measuring an individual’s actual ability to develop software. This is accomplished by placing the examinee in the same conditions he or she will be exposed to on the job. This authentic test of software development skills provides detailed and exceptionally reliable results not available through other testing approaches.
“We test skills rather than just knowledge, because although what someone knows is important, what counts in the workplace is what they can do.”
Proxor Limited is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.  For further information please email to or visit our website at

Source: Business Wire India


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