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KISMET JARDIN Wins Prestigious IAIR Global Award for Innovation and Sustainability

March 14, 2014 - New Delhi, Delhi , India

Kismet Jardin Pty Ltd, an Australian company has won IAIR global award for innovation and sustainability in the beauty & health category. Held at Sheraton Towers, Hong Kong, the IAIR award ceremony was attended by more than 400 international guests.


IAIR GROUP is a research institute and an independent publishing house headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is also the first in its niche, according to Alexa - Amazon, for international ranking and its related number of readers.


The IAIR panel is made up of the scientific committee of IAIR along with a team of dedicated legal, economic and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide.


Kismet Jardin Pty Ltd specialises in the art and science, of developing unique and scientifically advanced formulations for personal care products, based on the principles of green-chemistry. The company is a leader in re-establishing the age-old traditions and harmless practices of natural perfumery in the multi-billion dollar perfume industry, which is at present dominated by synthetic aroma-chemicals derived from petrochemical feed stocks.


“The current image of beauty & glamour is unsustainable, the substances used in personal care products (perfumes and cosmetics) can cause damage to living organisms and the environment. It is, therefore, urgently necessary to seek solutions which would contribute to a general improvement of this rather negative and continuing situation. Beauty, glamour and luxury cannot be sustained without healthy bodies and living environment. Water, air and soil protection is a universal problem for the continued existence of mankind, and the management of this problem requires cooperation between all industry sectors and countries,” said Manoj Jain, Director R &D, Kismet Jardin Pty Ltd.


‘Intensive Botanical Complex’ skincare cream by Kismet Jardin contains natural and non-toxic alternatives to Botox, and ‘Hydra Gem’ serum is the world’s first and foremost herbal serum/primer that provides optimum hydration whilst protecting the skin from harmful ingredients used in makeup products.


“At the heart of Green Chemistry is scientific and technological innovation. Kismet Jardin products are based on an increasing understanding of the interactions taking place on a molecular and cellular level to enable enhanced product quality and safety,” said Manoj Jain.


Kismet Jardin products are developed and made in Australia.




CONTACTS : Kismet Jardin Pty Ltd Manoj Jain, +61-434539461

Source: Business Wire India


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