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Jay Kay Masters the ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ in His Latest Novel

May 6, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Recently launched book ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ by Author Jay Kay talks about the revelations of truth that will heal the negative conditioning of the mind. This compilation is based on a true story of transformation and research conducted in the US. ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ states that our mind has the ability to expand to the Super Consciousness. The book invites its readers to explore the ‘Sixth Sense’, which is a hidden splendor in the abyss of the consciousness. Author Jay Kay claims that with the help of this book the readers will be able to achieve success by effectively managing the senses.
Jay Kay was born in India & has been an IT professional for over a decade working in the US & Bangalore; he is prolific writer of poetry, self-improvement books, and a spiritual seeker. He has completed over ten publications in various titles of Love, Religion and Nature in over a thousand poetry collections. He has travelled extensively in the US and Europe with profound knowledge in various cultures and a motivational speaker in BIST, Bangalore.
He has won several awards in the literary association of the US Journal for some of his contemporary work. His book ‘7 Golden Rules of ZEN Wisdom’ has won several accolades.
This book has received a lot of praise from its readers. ‘’An intelligent read to comprehend the values of life; isn’t just another philosophy, the author has dwelled into the mind, psychiatry and the scientific ways to transform addictions to the realization of truth.’’ states a book reviewer.
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Photo caption: Jay Kay launches his latest novel on Zen Wisdom

Source: Business Wire India


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