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Jain International Organisation to Set Up 24 Universities in the Name of 24 Tirthankars

February 17, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Pujya Gurudevshri Nayapadmasagarji Maharajsaheb, Mentor & Founder of Jain International Organisation (JIO) along with his 2 disciples is seen addressing on Feb. 15, 2014.Pujya Gurudevshri Nayapadmasagarji Maharajsaheb (Pujya Gurudevshri), mentor & founder of Jain International Organisation (JIO) has announced that JIO will set up 24 universities in the name of 24 Jain Tirthankars (Jain Gods), in order to avail benefits of Minority Status to Jains.
He was speaking in a function held in Mumbai on 15th February 2014 to honor 3 Central Govt. Ministers for their remarkable contribution in obtaining Minority Status for Jains. These included  Central  Rural Development  Minister  Mr. Pradeep Jain “Aditya”, Minister of Minority Mr. K. Rahman Khan &  Central State Minister Mr. Milind Deora. The occasion was graced by Pujya Lokesh Muniji, Mr. Mangalprabhat Lodha-MLA, Smt. Shobhana Jain-President UNI, Mr. S.C. Jain (Delhi) and Mr. Subhash Oswal (Delhi).
Pujya Gurudevshri declared that JIO would shortly publish a booklet on information & advantage of Minority Status of Jains. The booklet would also include various legal provisions relating to Minority status.
Pujya Gurudevshri Nayapadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb categorically stated that Hindu was our culture & Jain was our religion.  As Jains were respected by all, Jains would play a vital role as a link between majority & minority communities”.  Pujya Gurudevshri stated that population of Jains in the world was 40 crore 2500 years ago, which was reduced to 8.50 crore before 900 years and presently it was 46 lacs as per last census by Govt.  Jain community had always been peace loving, non-violent & charitable. Thus, there had been many attacks on Jain, being soft target. The Jains were forced to convert to other religions and their temples were also taken away or destroyed. Once upon a time famous temple of Tirupati Balaji was Jain temple. After getting Minority Status, Jains should get back all such converted temples & properties.
Mr. Hemant Shah, Prominent Leader of JIO in his welcome speech stated that the Jains would get benefits of reservation & security having got the minority status. Jains would now become a link between majorities & minorities.
Prof. Rattan Jain from Delhi informed that with recent Minority Status given to Jains, protection would be given to their temples, culture, languages & ancient holy scripts, autonomy  in management of education institutions, 50% reservation  of seats for Jains in Jain educational institutions & professional technical educations, educational loan at concessional interest rate for higher education etc.
Jain International Organisation (JIO) honoured 3 Central Government Ministers for their remarkable contribution in obtaining minority status for Jain community on 15th February 2014 at Mumbai. During lighting the lamp, Seen from L to R, Mr. Hemant Shah-Prominent Leader of JIO, Mr. Milind Deora- Central State Minister, Mr. K. Rahman Khan- Central Minister of Minority & Mr. Pradeep Jain “Aditya” –Central Rural Development Minister.Mr. Sudhir Lodha of Chhenai  further explained the benefits of Minority Status as a result of which Govt. would  provide land  and facilities for setting up of Jain educational institutions, properties of Jain Trusts would  be out of purview of rent control act, due to which it would be easy to get vacant possession from tenants in the premises etc. Govt. would not be able to interfere or acquire management of Jain shrines or places of pilgrimage.
About Jain International Organization – JIO
JIO is a Global Organization for Total Unity of All Jains & All Professions from all over India & overseas. Vision of JIO is to become a world class organisation of Visionary Jains. It is united to bring all round progress, Global Harmony, Peace & Prosperity for Total Happiness of individuals, family and society and to have World free of Violence, Poverty & Disease.
JIO is having many Indian chapters as well as International Chapters in various countries. It has already commenced International Settlement Forum (ISF). ISF has being constituted with a view to intervene, conciliate and resolve disputed matters, out of court and arrive at settlements which will be speedy and at low cost and will also help maintain amicable relationship between the disputing parties. In this Forum, legal luminaries such as Supreme Court / High Court Judges and senior lawyers have agreed to give their time and act as Arbitrators.

Source: Business Wire India


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