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IILM International Conference on “Responsible Management Education and Practice”

January 10, 2014 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

IILM International Conference on “Responsible Management Education and Practice”The IILM International Conference on Responsible Management Education & Practice began on 9th January 2014. Ms Sapna Popli, Director, IILM, opened the conference and shared "Responsible Management Education are a timely global call for business schools worldwide to adapt their curricula, research, teaching methodology and institutional strategy to the new business challenge." Ms Popli also highlighted how IILM's Vision 2015 aims for values based management education and business focused research".

Mr. Jonas Haertle, Head - PRME Secretariat, United Nations Global Compact Office, New York shared his thoughts enlightening the vision and fram?ework of PRME. During the session Jonas shared "Countries should aim for higher sustainable development and lower ecological foot print in the coming years for better future". The session discussed the aim of UN global compact on Human rights, good workplace practices, environmental standards and anticorruption.                                                                                                                                                                                     

During the course of the day, various dignitaries Prof. TL Raghu Ram- XLRI, Dr Sunil Rail- Director of Goa Institute of management and Prof Rakesh Choudhary-Dean IILM, shared their experiences and initiative of taking responsible management education forward and make a difference not only in the curricula, but also in research, teaching methodologies and institutional strategies towards the new business challenges and opportunities. Prof. TL Raghu Ram- XLRI shared some of the initiatives of their collaborating on their campus and their curriculum with sustainable development.  Being the signatory of the initiative they shared how they plan to take this mission to the next level.

Taking responsible management education to its right partner, the session highlighted the initiatives of the corporate sector and how their actions are leading to sustainability. The session by Dr. Gurram Gopal, Theophil W. Mueller Endowed Chair, Elmhurst College, Illinois
The day gave direction to the opening to the two-day long conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice which covers aspects which support the convergence- Corporate social responsibility, Global ethics, sustainable business etc. The paper presentation of a few scholars completes the event.

The mission of Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative is to inspire and champion responsible management education through research and enhancing leaders globally.  IILM Institute for Higher education is one of the few global partners of PRME initiative taking this forward is working for a continuous process of improving the quality of management education in order to develop a new generation of business leaders.

Source: Business Wire India


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