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GfK Launches Strategic Approach to Identify, Size and Prioritize Market Opportunities

February 19, 2014 - Nuremberg, Germany

GfK today announced the launch of GfK FutureScape, a unique approach that identifies and sizes a range of opportunity spaces within a market, prioritising those with the most potential and then using segmentation to pinpoint the highest-value consumers to target.


The strategic assessment provided by GfK FutureScape stands apart from the competitive offerings, because it is based on a holistic analysis of: evolving consumer needs, the existing and emerging benefits offered in the marketplace and the company’s own business strengths and assets. This comprehensive perspective helps increase the ROI of companies’ growth and innovation investments by focusing resources on those spaces that are not only a good fit for their business, but are also the most likely to deliver maximum growth.


“In today’s dynamic marketplace, it is more critical than ever for companies to keep on top of where consumers and markets are heading – while deciding exactly where to leverage their strengths,” said Marilyn Raymond, global head of GfK’s Market Opportunities & Innovation product group. “Awareness and usage studies, market landscape and segmentation are essential – but they often lack insights and action plans. GfK knows what it takes to identify and set in motion those future market opportunities that will drive your growth – and we’ve formulated a smart and flexible approach to support our clients’ success.”


GfK FutureScape helps companies identify and maximise future opportunities through a systematic approach:

  • Provides a forward-looking view on both consumers and the marketplace – and how they are changing
  • Identifies and sizes a range of opportunity spaces – and prioritises those with the most potential
  • Uses segmentation to pinpoint the highest-value consumer targets, to maximise the potential for success

It supports all types of products and services, helping companies across all industries to capitalise on opportunities.


GfK FutureScape is an integral part of GfK’s end-to-end strategic innovation process, GfK Innovation Roadmap, which guides an organization’s entire innovation journey – from growth plans to launch – by exploring market dynamics, identifying market opportunities and enabling market impact. With focused deliverables at every milestone, the process provides actionable growth plans, a pipeline of compelling innovation initiatives and a blueprint for how to activate those.


Further information and country-specific contact details for GfK FutureScape are available at




CONTACTS : GfK Marilyn Raymond Global Head Market Opportunities & Innovation +1 905 277 2669 x361

Source: Business Wire India


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