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Forefingerfirst: Question the Value of your Vote before you Cast it

April 28, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We all know the importance of elections, voting rights and the right to exercise it. Our political party choices are dominantly based on the media coverage of elections, political parties, leaders representing them and their campaigns.  But there is something more to the contesting parties which is not necessarily mentioned in their campaigns, rallies and press coverage.

The Manifesto is the foundation of values that every political party stands on and every voter should be aware of it because he like our elected representatives is also responsible for building the destiny of India. As a voting citizen, your values are a reflection of the country you live, represent and build for tomorrow. Respect your vote as much as you want the country to respect you.

And that’s what initiated by Binary is all about. It provides the issues addressed by all political parties in their manifestos without mentioning party names. As a responsible citizen of the country, you can read, decide and then cast a vote based on the values you stand by and the custodians of the country live to serve by.

Forefingerfirst makes you question you vote before you question what the nation has done for you. It’s your choices that make the nation for today and what you leave for tomorrow. enables you to create your own Personal Political Manifesto with issue choices you think the nation should address.

Logon to and cast your vote and share your manifesto choices within your network on social media platforms.
You can also download the forefingerfirst mobile Android Apps from Google Play -

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