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Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research Chooses Sathguru Management Consultants as its Featured Company of the Month

July 9, 2014 - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research has chosen Sathguru Management Consultants as the featured company of the month. The Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) is the leading source for quality research for the hospitality industry. As an active member on the Center’s advisory board, Mr. Vijayaraghavan, CEO, Sathguru Management Consultants has played a supportive role in the center’s research agenda. Along with other business leaders, he has helped develop innovative ideas, theories and models that improve strategic and operating practices in hospitality industry.

Sathguru's Center for Executive Education (CEE), with its linkage with the prestigious Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, delivers an Annual Hospitality Management Program for the Hospitality sector. With two and a half decades of experience in hospitality sector, Sathguru’s Hospitality Management program brings leading academicians and global leaders on a unique platform to share insights on new trends and in addressing next generation challenges and opportunities in hospitality sector. The program covers a wide array of topics in Consumer Behavior, global trends and practices in emerging markets for competency building, Strategy and Strategic Planning, sustainability, functional level strategies, loyalty circle, lodging distribution, global best marketing practices, Innovation drivers for value perceptions, prominent role of social media and its impacts, Building Strategic Relationships through Brand Affiliation, GAP Model of service quality, Valuation and revenue management.

About Center for Executive Education:

The Center for Executive Education at Sathguru Management Consultants is built on a strong foundation of partnering with premier internationally renowned academic and research institution, Cornell University in development initiatives for India and South Asia. The Center delivers executive enhancement programs covering key issues in technology, business and development in the life-sciences and agri-business sectors. The Center associates with the prestigious School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University and delivers an annual Hospitality Management Program for the Hospitality sector.

The executive education programs are designed to cater to senior managers in India and South Asia. For a decade and a half, the executive education programs have been attended by CEOs, senior management teams, academicians, government policy planners from India and South Asia. This has provided immense opportunities for networking and establishment of lasting linkages that have translated into successful and rewarding ventures.

About Sathguru Management Consultants:

Sathguru Management Consultants is a multifaceted advisory firm providing strategic, technological, functional and sectoral advisory services to an international clientele. Sathguru is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and the US operations based at Boston, Sathguru has been engaged with the hospitality sector for the last two and a half decades. Sathguru's primary focus relates to strategic advisory, financial advisory, sector growth assessment, technology management, information technology solutions and brand affiliation management. Several clients have realized high-performance objectives through Sathguru's comprehensive industry expertise in the hospitality sector. For more details related to Sathguru’s services, visit

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