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Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre at Deolali Introduces Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy

February 21, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Dr. Mervin Leo - CMOCoral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre, located at Coral Garden, Deolali near Nashik (Maharashtra State) has recently introduced Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy facilities.
Dr. Mervin Leo (BNYS), a well-known expert in the field of Naturopathy and Dr. Deepa Jothi M. Leo (BNYS) have recently joined Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre. Dr. Mervin Leo has been appointed as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the Centre. He has been a pillar of many Naturopathy Centres in India. He has been a doyen of Naturopathy, spending last 10 years at various Naturopathy Centres in Kutch (Gujarat State). He has treated various patients from diabetes, hyper tension, stress, ashthama, PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease), obesity, all varieties of arthritis, migraine headache etc.
Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre has successfully treated more than 7,000 patients of various chronic functional disorders in last 10 years. The Centre is having 3 star facilities with a swimming pool & beautiful garden. Hence more than 50% patients treated by the Centre are NRIs.  The Naturopathy treatments include hot foot bath & tub bath, steam bath, local steam application, massages & magnets, Cold & hot packs and mud packs besides herbal medication and newly introduced Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy for various chronic treatments including  ulcers, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, migrane, back ache, cervical & lumber spondilitis, hypertension, M.C. problems, psychosomatic disorders etc. The Centre also provides Yoga Therapies & Meditation including Yoga Nidra, Omkar Chanting, Shudhikriya etc. 
Coral has also added special services like ayurvedic panchkarma therapy – purvakarma (shirodhara, udvardanam, basti, potli massage etc.), spinal manipulate therapy – naturopathy and nuga bed, nervous strengths and purification through detoxifier. Nature Cure rebalances the five different elements of the body as ether, air, water, earth & fire and also purifies the toxins from the body. For this, Coral uses various therapies such as hydrotherapy, mudtherapy, heliotherapy, diet and fasting therapy, yoga therapy, acupressure & acupuncture therapy.
About Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre
Located within 180 kms from Mumbai – Deolali is famous for its natural, pollution-free climate, an ideal place for nature cure centre. Deolali remains 556.20 metres above ocean level between Igatpuri & Trambakeswar of Sahyadri ranges. This was developed by the Britishers from 1870 with its resorts & sanatoriums. It has also become a place for Jain pilgrimage. 
The day at Coral starts from morning 6 am with the prayers & yoga, where yogasana, pranayama & meditation are taught. Thereafter, continued with kriyas and eye wash. The treatment starts from 8.30 am and run up to 12.00 noon, again starts from 2.00 pm. There is pranayama & meditation class again at 5 pm. Everyday, a get together along with a small lecture on health & fitness is organized at 7 pm. The diet of organically cultivated fruits & vegetables is served 3 times a day, by 8 am, 12 noon & 6 pm with intermediate fresh juices at 10 am and 3 pm. Sunday normally remains a half day.


Source: Business Wire India


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