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Chinese ticket booking agencies boycott selling tickets to Malaysia

March 30, 2014 - Beijing, China

  • In the first backlash after Malaysia announced that there is not much hope for passengers of missing MH370 flight, several online ticketing sites in China have stopped selling tickets to Malaysia.
  • The ban was imposed by online travel agencies like, Qunar and Mango. The ban is imposed by the travel agents against Malaysia for mishandling the MH370 crisis who vowed to the get to the bottom of the truth on the missing flight.
  • The ban could mean that several flights to Malaysia could be cancelled as these three ticketing agencies are responsible for a large number of sales of tickets to Malaysia from China.
  • eLong, a popular online ticket booking site said that the ban would continue till Malaysia releases every piece of information they have on the MH370 flight that went missing on March 24.
  • eLong said it would pay 100,000 yuan to two family members who booked tickets on MH370 through it as a gesture of consolation.
  • said that the ban would continue till Malaysia gives a satisfactory explanation on the victims.
  • The ban is a setback between the two countries which celebrated 2014 as year of friendship.
  • Thousands of tourists from China have already cancelled their travelling plans. is offering a full refund to clients who wish to cancel their bookings.
  • As of Friday, another major online ticket booking agency Ctrip hasn't joined the ban against Malaysia due to objects raised by their sales department. Ctrip is the leader of the online travel booking market enjoying a market share of 48.9
  • More than 1.7 million visited Malaysia from China last year, with China making Malaysia's third biggest source of visitors behind Singapore and Indonesia.

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