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300% Increase for MumbaiVotes' Apolitical Info this Election

April 22, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

India's general elections in 2014 has come of age with a fantastic 300% increase in demand for the apolitical information generated each election by MumbaiVotes, the pioneering citizens' initiative. The information is a truly multimedia collection of direct & audited facts over video ( & YouTube), IVR (Interactive Voice Recording), Facebook, Twitter, chat sites (WhatsApp & WeChat), radio, TV, print media & printed posters.



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"Each election, the interest & demand for our unbiased information on the candidates peaks 2-3 days before polling day. This year is different, it’s been high intensity & multimedia campaigning from the start by many parties, which has had a domino effect on us. People are looking to verify claims early on by finding us online or via the IVR," said Vivek Gilani, Ashoka Fellow and founder of
Now in its 10th year and 6th election, MumbaiVotes is a widely respected community service for unbiased, detailed information on Mumbai politicians. The pioneering information service is part of the Informed Voter Project and has the motto 'Don’t Vote, Select’.
The demand for MumbaiVotes' unique video interviews with the candidates is the highest it’s ever been. 75% (87) of the 116 candidates contesting Mumbai's six parliamentary seats have recorded their video and audio (IVR) interviews with MumbaiVotes. The balance 29 candidates too are represented as 100% have had their nomination affidavits reviewed & uploaded on the website. Additionally, in an exercise that is not conducted anywhere else in India, all major party manifestos are analyzed for the rigour and specific nature of steps and solutions proposed for national issues by our 5-member trained research and analysis team comprising legal, economic, environmental, political science and public policy analysts. The manifestos have also been graded in comparison to the unManifesto – which is the world's largest crowd-sourced manifesto compiled by polling 14.5 lakh youth in India by our partners,
"MumbaiVotes is only as strong as the citizens want it to be. We are a voluntary group & we feel stronger than ever when we become the benchmark and so many people use our info for the right reasons; to be informed before voting," said Gilani.
About is a not for profit, independent info-bank and does not support or endorse any political candidate or party. The project is entirely insulated from any commercial interests. Funding for its activities comes from voluntary donations from the citizens of Mumbai in their personal capacity. We are registered as a non-profit trust, and are imbued with values of political and ideological neutrality, transparency, inclusiveness and informativeness.
We develop, nourish and continually magnify the most comprehensive resource for rigorously researched, objectively analyzed, and efficiently communicated information about elected representatives erected in India, where citizens can receive reliable, unbiased, perceptive and performance-based information related to the representatives they democratically vote into power. It seeks to usher in a new age of ‘Informed Participation’ in democracy and public life in Mumbai and the democratic universe beyond, decimating guesswork from public decision making and opinion building amongst citizens in India. Progressive politics through relentless public scrutiny and thus spawning a trajectory from the ‘Worlds Largest Democracy’ – to a ‘Evolved Democracy’. 


Facebook & Twitter: /@MumbaiVotes

Source: Business Wire India


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