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Uchida Spectrum Has Established SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION

October 7, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan

Uchida Spectrum, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer: Kiyoshi “Mack” Machida, henceforth “Uchida Spectrum”) has, since 2004, been involved in the development and sales of “SMART/InSight®,” a business focused software handling Enterprise Information Management. “SMART/InSight” has so far mainly been used by major, domestic and international corporations in mission critical fields.
At this time we would like to announce that “SMART/InSight” which was the driving force behind one of Uchida Spectrum’s divisions has had its Development and Sales functions made independent through the spin-off and establishment of the new SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION.

In particular “SMART/InSight G2” has, since its announcement in 2008, been used for design optimization and improvement of product management mainly in the manufacturing industry, while also allowing companies to visualize integrated customer related information regardless of industry. “SMART/InSight G2” which was mainly aimed at the demand for integrating dispersed internal and external information is seeing its target market expansion in line with the progression of Big Data and the diffusion of Cloud Computing. In order to respond to this market, fulfill future product development needs, increase our global presence and consolidate a position in the global enterprise market a new company was established for this specialized business field.

On October 4th the new entity SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION was separated from Uchida Spectrum, Inc., inheriting all assets of the “SMART/InSight” business and will begin operations from October 21st. Concurrently, in order to map out further development plans, investments were accepted from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Energy & Environment Investment Inc. and Nippon Venture Capital Co, Ltd. and the global business will be developed as detailed below.

  • Construction of a global development structure
  • Joint development, sales promotion activities and market development through tie-ups with foreign partners

The investment will also help in expanding the current footprint of SMART/InSight business in India. In India there are already many customers from e-commerce and enterprise segments using big data and search based solutions provided by Uchida Spectrum (SMART/InSight business). SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION will hire additional team for product development, global sales and consulting in India.

Furthermore, regarding the above mentioned global environment, the development of products incorporating Cloud Computing and Big Data technology for which SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION was established will progress as below.

  • Bringing “SMART/InSight G2” to the Cloud
  • Development of “SMART/InSight G3” (temporary name) which incorporates Big Data and Cloud Computing functions
  • Development of solutions that illustrate the value of Big Data

While continuing to manage the existing “SMART/InSight” business, SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION will create new trends in global enterprise applications by integrating Cloud Computing and Big Data.
* ”SMART/InSight” : registered trademark of SMART INSIGHT CORPORATION


About Uchida Spectrum, Inc.

Start of Business   March, 1995
Business Lines Sales and management service of software licenses
  Consultation for software licenses
Head office Across Shinkawa Building Annex, 16-14, 1-Chome, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku Tokyo



Start of Business

October, 2013
Business Lines Planning, development and sales of SMART/InSight
Head Office 9F Across Shinkawa Building Annex, 16-14, 1-Chome, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku Tokyo

CONTACTS : Uchida Spectrum, Inc. Kyoichiro Iwase, +81-3-5543-6801 Corporate Administration Chief Officer Administration Group FAX : +81-3-5543-3745 or SMART INSIGHT CORPORTAION Ushio Zaizen, +81-3-5543-6807 General Manager Marketing FAX : +81-3-5543-6816

Source: Business Wire India


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