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Viacom's copyright infringement case against Google owned YouTube reinstated

April 6, 2012 - London

Viacom's case against Google over copyright infringement of a billion dollars, which was dismissed in 2010, has been reopened.

A jury of the court has allegedly found that YouTube knew about the copyright infringements and said the dismissal of the case previously was a mistake, the BBC reports.

Viacom claimed that YouTube, owned by Google, uploaded "tens of thousands of videos" that contained Viacom's copyright works and both Google and YouTube knew about this but did nothing.

Google and YouTube had earlier said in defence that they were entitled to "safe harbour" protection under digital copyright law because they had insufficient notice of particular alleged offences and the Manhattan court had agreed to this in 2010.

Google took over YouTube for 1.76 billion dollars in 2006.


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