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Valerie Trierweiler pens book detailing Francois Hollande's rise to power

June 26, 2012 - London

France's controversial new first lady Valerie Trierweiler has gushed over President Francois Hollande in her new book where she also talks about the mother of his four children Segolene Royal.

In the book titled 'Francois Hollande, President', she has written highly personal commentaries beside a range of colour photographs.

One photograph has Hollande and Royal, who lived together for 30 years after falling in love as students, at a political rally in Rennes, Brittany, earlier this year.

"Ah, the Rennes rally! Or rather, the Hollande-Royal rally," the Daily Mail quoted her as writing in the book.

"In short, the Francois-Segolene reunion. Lots has been written since the start of the week, the photographers are here en masse," she captioned.

Beside an image of the two ex-lovers together, Trierweiler has written: "Are they going to kiss, hold hands? This is the crucial question my colleagues are asking."

Apart from Royal's status as an ex-lover, Trierweiler points to her status as an ex-presidential candidate who lost to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

"Yes, the man I love had a woman before me. And she happened to be a presidential election candidate. I have to live with it," Trierweiler wrote.

Royal, like Hollande a passionate Socialist, had always dreamed that they would make a golden left-wing couple on the world stage, but instead it is Trierweiler who is in the Elysee Palace.

The 58-year-old in fact lost yet another election when she stood in the primaries against Hollande last year.

Recalling the night when the 57-year-old learnt that he was victorious, Trierweiler writes: "As soon as we heard the result, we went off on our own together for a few moments.

"He took me in his arms. Away from prying eyes. I cried. He laughed. Both of us were emotional," she wrote.

There were even more dramatic scenes back in 2011 when - on May 14 -Holland and Trierweiler learned that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the president of the International Monetary Fund, was arrested in New York for allegedly trying to rape a chambermaid.

Strauss-Kahn had been the hot favourite to become Socialist president this year, but his humiliation in America ended all hope of a successful political career, and eventually opened the door for Hollande.

Recalling the fateful night, Trierweiler said: "I wake up Francoise up quickly. By way of answer he whispers "Go back to sleep, all this is bullshit". I check the mail and I insist that the news is already out."

The book is full of gushy praise for the president the twice-divorced Trierweiler calls 'my man'. She insists that "Francoise is always online when crisis requires' and that his election campaign meant moments 'of solitude, moments of tension and of great joy".

Trierweiler met Hollande while covering the Socialist Party for Paris Match in 2005, but their affair was kept secret while Royal fought the 2007 election campaign.


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