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Twitter helps rescue carjacked victim in South Africa

April 10, 2012 - Cape Town

A South African man managed to be rescued after being carjacked as he sent a text message to his girlfriend, who in turn shared the details of the incident on Twitter and helped save him.

According to the Telegraph, two armed men carjacked a Volkswagen Golf in Honeydew, northwest Johannesburg, on Saturday and locked the driver into the boot of the car before speeding.

But they forgot to take away his mobile phone, which the man used to send an SMS to his girlfriend.

His girlfriend immediately posted the message on Twitter along with the car's number plate.

The tweet quickly spread after "PigSpotter", a Twitter account popular for revealing police speed trap locations, picked it up.

In response to the tweet, many private security firms offered to trace the cell phone, since the car did not have a tracking device installed. But in the end, the police intervened and tracked the car.

The police said that both the car and the owner had safely returned home, but no arrests have been made.

According to police statistics, there have been about 10,600 incidences of carjacking in South Africa last year, down from a high of 14,900 in 2008.


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