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Abbott's personal approval rating takes a hit

September 4, 2012 - Melbourne

Leader of Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives Tony Abbott has made light of a new opinion poll, which showed a decline in his personal approval ratings. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard inched ahead of Abbott by a point. Very little has changed in how the leaders are perceived by the voters.

There is uncertainty in the minority government led by Gillard and the contest between Gillard and Abbott is getting bitter day by day.

The dissatisfaction rating of Abbott rose sharply to 59 percent from 54 percent, while his satisfaction rating fell to 31 percent by three points. On the other hand, Julia Gillard's numbers have recorded a seven-month high. The government leaders accuse Abbott of having a problem with women, which could have led to the poor ratings.

The Coalition's primary vote is up one point to 46 percent, while the support for the Greens fell to a three-year low of 8 percent.

However, the opinion poll didn't mean much to Abbott who told reporters, "I'm concerned every day to point out the failures of a bad government getting worse and to articulate a positive vision for our country."

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