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Teacher's aide suspended for refusing to disclose Facebook password.

April 4, 2012 - Washington

A teacher's aide has been suspended from her job for refusing to reveal her Facebook password to her boss.

Kimberly Hester, 27, is fighting a legal battle against the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District in Cassopolis, Michighan, to get her job back.

According to New York Daily News, it all began in April last year with Hester posting a photo on her Facebook page of a co-worker with her pants down, showing only a little part of her legs, pants and shoes which was sent to Hester in a text message as a joke with a message saying, "thinking of you."

"It was very mild, no pornography," Hester told to ABC News.

But apparently, one of Hester's Facebook friends, who happened to be a parent, informed the school authorities after seeing the picture. Hester was summoned by the district's school superintendent, where she was asked for her Facebook password, but she refused to give it.

"He asked me three times if he could view my Facebook, and I repeatedly said I was not OK with that," Hester said.

Hester claimed she was put on paid administrative leave, but subsequently suspended from her job.

Hester argued "I have the right to privacy," further adding that her act took place outside her professional life and was meant for viewing only by her Facebook friends.

Hester withdrew her taking legal action. "I stand by it, I did nothing wrong. And, I would not, still to this day, let them in my Facebook. And, I don't think that's OK for an employer to ask you," she said.

Hester has reportedly been approached by Mitt Lori, the State Representative of Michigan, who is trying to make it unlawful for employers to ask their employees to disclose their social media information and passwords.


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