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Suu Kyi 'never hated Burmese army' who kept her under house arrest

June 19, 2012 - Rangoon

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Burmese pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned by the military dictatorship in her homeland, has said that she 'never hated' the army of her country.

When asked if she feels the same like Nelson Mandela, who once said he hated the people who had imprisoned him, Suu Kyi replied that she 'never hated the people who had arrested her'.

"I never hated the people who had kept me under house arrest. I think perhaps I was in a rather different situation from Nelson Mandela because I've always had a deep affection for the Burmese Army because my father was a founder of the army," she said during an exclusive interview with CBS News.

"And I was brought up to think of myself as part of the military family," Suu Kyi said.

"Later, when the military did things that were unacceptable to our people, I did not like what they were doing. But I never hated them," she added.

Suu Kyi also said that she believes her country was more important than her personal feelings, and that is why she chose to stay in Burma during a very difficult time when her husband was dying of cancer.

"I made the choice in 1988 when I decided to take part in the struggle for democracy. When you decide to follow a certain path, you should follow it to the end and not be diverted from it for personal reasons," she said.

"I think, the country should be more important to every one of us than our own personal and private feelings," she added.


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