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Spanish police arrest three al-Qaida suspects

August 2, 2012 - Madrid, Spain

Three suspected members of the terrorist organization al-Qaida were arrested by the Spanish police. According to a spokesman, the three members were said to be of Russian, Chechen and Turk descent. They were arrested in the south of Spain.

According to news reports, the men detained at La Linea have explosives and poison with them. However, the police have denied knowledge about the explosives or poison. It is believed that the arrested have been trained in Pakistan. While two of the suspects were al-Qaida operatives, the Turk was a facilitator.

According to Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, there was clear indication that the arrested were planning an attack in Spain or Europe. Spain has received intelligence from one of the Spain's allies.

A number of al-Qaida suspects were arrested since 2001. An al-Qaida attack at Madrid train station killed 201 and injured nearly 1500 people in 2004.

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