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Singh singlings murderer Max Sica gets 35 years non-parole sentence

July 5, 2012 - Queensland

Justice Byrne has ordered that Max Sica serve the extraordinary term of a non-parole period of 35 years for the murder of Neelma, Kunal and Sidhi Singh. This is the longest term that was ever ordered in Queensland. By the time, Sica becomes eligible to ask for a parole, he will turn 83. The ex-boyfriend found guilty of killing three Singh siblings in Brisbane home.

The defence counsel has asked for a 20 to 30 years term while the prosecution has sought for a non-parole period of 45 years. The defence said that the murders are not the 'worst category' because both Kunal and Sidhi were killed in their beds while asleep and did not experience the horror of other notoriously brutal murders.

The 42-year old Massimo "Max" Sica was found guilty for the killing of his former 24-year old girlfriend Neelma Singh, and her siblings Kunal (18) and Sidhi (12) in April 2003. He is alleged to have been to Neelma's house to possibly have a prayer meeting about his alleged brain tumour. The Crown feels that Neelma was strangled by Sica in possibly rage, jealously or rejection. His killing weapon is a pitchfork in the form of 'Shiva's Trishul'. He killed Kunal and Sidhi because they could identify him. The latter two are attacked with garden fork. While Kunal knocked unconscious possibly in bed, Sidhi was beaten to death. The bodies of Neelma and Sidhi were dumped into a running spa and Kunal was also placed in the spa where he drowned. Sica bleach and other materials to clean the murder scene and wash away DNA, but left his sock print in the freshly cleaned area. Sica was charged of the murder in December 2008.

The criminal trial in court has run for a record 77 days. It appears that the 'obviously disappointed' Sica would file an appeal. The Queensland law says that a person who was convicted of multiple murders receives a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment and must serve a minimum of 20 years before being eligible for parole.

In March 2009, Indian Australians Vijay and Shirley Singh have decided to sue the man accused of brutally killing their three children almost six years ago - for trespass. An incest angle came up in the case emerged during Sica's bail hearing.

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