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Pak admits 'still far from reaching agreement on improving ties with US'

April 6, 2012 - Islamabad

Pakistan has indicated it was still far from reaching an agreement with the United States on how to improve ties that had deteriorated after a series of major crises.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry admitted both sides were still at odds over issues of US drone strikes and the deadly NATO attack on November 26, 2011.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abdul Basit confirmed that both sides were discussing a framework agreement that would tax NATO convoys travelling to Afghanistan and resume compensation payments to Pakistan for targeting terrorists.

"We are discussing all these matters but the final outcome hinges on policy guidelines that we will get from the parliament," The Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

Although high-level contacts between Pakistan and the US have now resumed, a formal resetting of ties is on hold until the Pakistan parliament completes a review of their bilateral ties.

No timeline has yet been announced for the Pakistan parliament to complete a review of ties with the US.


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