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Pak Abbottabad commission findings dramatically contradict US version

March 16, 2012 - Islamabad

The findings of the Abbottabad commission report reportedly contradict the findings of the report given by US authorities on the May 2 raid.

The report states that the commission has taken note of details of the Abbottabad raid carried out by US NavySeals that resulted in the death of former Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

The report findings have also raised questions regarding the stance of the US in the operation, The Express Tribune reports.

One of the facts in the report states that the compound had dozens of armed men during the raid but only one bullet mark and one bullet shell was found.

The bullet mark was found on the wall of the room where Bin Laden used to sleep, which was also where he was killed. The height of the mark suggests that someone had knelt down and taken a shot, findings suggested.

The investigation revealed that the bullet pierced through Bin Laden's head and struck the wall leaving a mark, the report claimed.

There is no other bullet mark in the entire house besides that bullet, nor was there any other bullet shell.

The report also poses questions including: when so many armed men were present in the house during the raid, why did Bin Laden's men not fire even once - given that the findings revealed by the US that none of the US soldiers were shot at during the raid.

The report is Pakistan's first official account of the incident and includes statements from Bin Laden's family, neighbours and government officials who visited the site after the US raid.

The Abbottabad Commission will present the findings to the prime minister who will release orders as per the recommendations given in the report.


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