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Obama bemoans not being allowed to have fun anymore

May 21, 2012 - Washington

US President Barack has said that he missed a baseball match because he had to attend the NATO summit.

Obama refuses to give any answer, when pool reporters questioned him after his joint statement with Hamid Karzai at Sunday's summit.

No, he said, wait for the Monday press conference, the Politico reported.

But he could not maintain his silence when Sun-Times political reporter Abdon Pallasch asked him if he "had gone to the crosstown?" referring to the Cubs-White Sox series taking place at Wrigley, a few miles from the summit hall.

"I missed it," he replied with a 'light smile,' according to the foreign pool report.

"They don't let me have fun," he added.

But Hillary Clinton, who grew up in Cubs territory on the North Side, spent Saturday night at the ballpark with NATO dignitaries and Gen. Jon Allen, who threw out the first pitch.


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