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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made ‘marshal’ of the military

July 18, 2012 - Pyongyang (North Korea)

Kim Jong-un was given one more title that will be listed to his already long list of North Korean titled. He is made the ‘marshal’ of the military. Jong-un is already the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.

It has been seven months that Kim was ruling the country. The past few days has seen several reshufflings in the top level leadership of the military. Loyalist North Korea military head General Ri Yong-ho has recently stepped down citing 'illness' but some people believe it is act of 'firing' him.

With the doubling of title, Kim Jong-un will have a greater role to play in the 1.2 million strong North Korean military.

Looking at the North Korean Military's past, it appears only Kim's father and grandfather have are te two who held military ranks higher than that of a marshal. Founder Kim Il Sung was named generalissimo in 1992, and Kim Jong Il was awarded the title posthumously.

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