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North Korea military head General Ri Yong-ho stepped down from all posts

July 16, 2012 - Pyongyang (North Korea)

General Ri Yong-ho, the head of military in North Korea is stepping down from all his posts. The North Korean military officer was a member of the central presidium of the Workers' Party of Korea since September 2010. The state official media reported he is stepping down for reasons of illness. The decision relieve him from the posts was taken at Workers' Party meeting held on Sunday.

Who will replace Ri Yong-ho is not yet known but this will be a difficult decision to make to the young leader Kim Jong Un. Yong-ho was on the side of Kim Jong Un ever since he took charge after his father Kim Jong II in 2010. In December 2011, Jong Un was named 'supreme leader' of 1.2-million strong North Korean military. In April 2012, Jong Un said 'military is country's top priority' and vowed to continue placing military matters above the economy.

Earlier, Yong-ho was responsible in helping Kim Jong II strength and in making the North Korean military a superior force. Yong-ho was often seen alongside Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong II in making public events. Ri Yong-ho was made the military head only three years ago.

Apart from being a military head, he will also be stepping down from being a member of the presidium of the politburo and from being vice-chairman of the central military commission, amongst others.

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