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North Korea ignoring US warnings on missile test to bolster support for Kim Jong-un: Analysts

April 10, 2012 - Pyongyang

North Korea is willing to sacrifice much-needed US food aid by ignoring America's warming on conducting missile tests in order to strengthen popular support for the country's new leader, Kim Jong-un, according to analysts.

The United States recently said that any provocative action by North Korea, either a rocket test scheduled for the coming days, or what would be the country's third nuclear test, would only further isolate the backward communist nation.

Experts believe that Pyongyang is, however, taking things differently and is constantly ignoring US warnings in an attempt to bolster the country's young leader, The Christian Science monitor reports.

According to the paper, experts believe the regime's decision to disregard its February agreement and proceed with the launch suggests an internal disagreement surfaced over the deal with the US.

Some analysts suggested that one possibility is that the military overruled a deal reached by civilian officials.

According to the paper, the willingness to scuttle a food deal with the US suggests the regime's top priority at the moment is shoring up support for Kim Jong-un.

The regime aims to convince its people that the world is transfixed by every decision he makes, like a "glorious" rocket launch.

The report also said that some experts believe the physical evidence of an imminent nuclear test may be squarely aimed at the US.

They speculate Pyongyang may be going through the motions of test preparations, whether or not it actually plans to carry out such a test, to present a sort of bargaining chip to coax the US to reinstate the rescinded aid deal.


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