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Mitt Romney changes tune, says Obama's health care mandate is a tax

July 4, 2012 - Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, US

Mitt Romney changed his tune on whether President Obama's health care mandate can be called a tax. Just after a couple of days when his chief spokesman and senior strategist said that Romney did not believe the health care mandate can be called a tax, Romney said that the mandate is in fact a tax.

Romney made his remarks twice, in an interview to CBS news and to CNN. After participating in the Independence day parade, Mitt Romney told CNN at Lake Winnipesaukee that the Supreme Court has said that the health care mandate is a tax and that's why he believes it's a tax. "They have spoken. There's no way around that.", he said.

The change in stance has triggered criticism from the Obama campaign saying that Romney's remarks were in contradiction to the remarks made by his chief spokesman a couple of days ago. The Obama campaign criticized Romney saying that he changed his campaign's position and that he contradicted himself by saying his own Massachusetts mandate wasn't a tax. As Governor of Massachusetts in 2007, Romney fulfilled the plan that every state resident obtain health insurance of pay penalty if they failed to do so.

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