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International News on May 26, 2012

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip love Royal blunders
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip find it hilarious when something goes wrong and they are the first to laugh on such royal blunders, their grandson Prince William has revealed. ANI

Scotland Yard to grill Mugabe's former henchman to nail despot over mass murder charges
British detectives will interview Robert Mugabe's former henchman Phillip Machemedze in Bristol next week, in a bid to get evidence for putting the Zimbabwe President on trial for his war crimes. ANI

Joe Biden reveals anguish after death of wife and daughter
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said he "understood" the anguish that led people to suicide as he recounted the deaths of his wife and daughter in a moving speech to the families of fallen US troops. ANI

Romney still haunted by 'like to fire people' line
Republican candidate Mitt Romney has said that he still regrets some of his comments that he has made before, which were taken out of context and misconstrued by the media. ANI

123,000 Social Security numbers exposed following breach in computers of US' savings plan firm
The contractor computer of an American savings plan firm for Federal employees has been breached in a complex cyber-attack, with over 123,000 Social Security numbers being compromised. ANI

Soon, swimming pool with a view 38 storeys-high in Singapore!
Singapore's latest skyscraper will have an infinity swimming pool 38 storeys above the ground between two towers. ANI

'Trigger happy' ISI, military must be leashed to stop bloodbath in Pak: Editorial
An editorial in a Pakistan daily has said the carnage in Pakistan will not stop until the military, paramilitary forces, ISI and MI leash their "trigger-happy" personnel. ANI

Egypt's Islamist candidate to compete with ex-premier in presidential run-off
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi will compete with ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq in the run-off vote in June, results released by state media showed on Saturday. ANI

Bodies found under ancient Easter Island statues
Archaeologists have discovered that the famous Pacific isle statues have bodies buried beneath them. ANI

Suspected militant sect guns down popular politician in Nigeria
A popular politician in Nigeria's northeastern zone was shot dead in the West African nation's restive city of Maiduguri, capital of Borno State, by gunmen suspected to be of the Boko Haram militant sect, the military said on Saturday. ANI

Medvedev elected leader of Russia's ruling party
Russia's ruling United Russia party elected Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as its new leader on Saturday. ANI

California Senate passes bill to ban employers from demanding job seekers' Facebook passwords
The California State Senate has passed a bill that would ban companies from asking job seekers or workers for their user names and passwords to social networking websites such as Facebook. ANI

Local Afghan militia's numbers set to rise to cater to security needs following withdrawal of international troops
The number of officials of a local Afghan militia is set rise, who would serve as a replacement of international troops after their withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, it has emerged. ANI

King Richard's heart to be examined to find cause of his death 812 yrs ago
The mystery of what actually killed Richard the Lionheart, one of England's most famous kings who ruled more than eight centuries ago, could finally be solved. ANI

Time Pak dumped 'unreformed jihadist' Hafiz Saeed to foster India ties: Editorial
An editorial in a Pakistan daily has said it is time for Pakistan to decide whether to side with an unreformed jihadist or with India, which is the biggest economic power in the region, claiming that Pakistan has preferred to treat Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed as an asset rather than an enemy of the state. ANI

Pak court reserves verdict in former Defence Secretary's 'sacking for misconduct' case
The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved its judgment on the plea of former Defence Secretary Lieutenant General (retd) Khalid Naeem Lodhi, against his termination on the charges of 'gross misconduct'. ANI

Kidnapped Saudi diplomat in Yemen asks for quick release
A Saudi Arabian diplomat appeared in a video on Saturday for the first time since he was kidnapped in March, asking the Saudi authorities to meet al-Qaida' s demands in order to secure his release. ANI

UN chief welcomes talks on Iran nuclear program
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the recent talks between Iran and six powers on Iran's nuclear program, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said here Friday. ANI

Speaker's ruling on Gilani disqualification issue can't be challenged: Pak minister
Pakistan Information and Broadcasting Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has said the National Assembly speaker's ruling on the issue of disqualification of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who is a member of the House, could not be challenged. ANI

U.S. reacts cautiously to traces of Iran's high-grade uranium
The United States on Friday reacted cautiously to a report by the UN nuclear watchdog which cited traces of higher-than-expected purity of enriched uranium in Iran's nuclear site. ANI

IAEA finds higher enriched levels of uranium in Iran than declared: Report
The International Atomic Energy Agency has found evidence at an underground bunker in Iran of scientists having moved closer to enriching uranium to the level needed to produce nuclear weapons. ANI

Libyan PM puts "security and stability" top of agenda
Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib told a meeting in London, where he is making a two-day visit, that the current interim government's main aim was to "make sure that security and stability are ensured."ecurity and stability were necessary to "organize the elections for the General National Council in an atmosphere of security, freedom, and transparency," he said. ANI

'Richie Rich' Romney orders $55,000 'Phantom Park' car elevator
The man designing a custom-built car elevator for Republican candidate Mitt Romney's La Jolla California home said that he has ordered the "Phantom Park" model, apparently the same one installed in the homes of actor Harrison Ford and singer Britney Spears. ANI

Twice as many Americans 'conservative' on economic issues than 'liberal'
There are more than twice as many Americans who consider themselves conservative on economic issues as opposed to liberal, a poll has showed. ANI

Her Majesty's little light-hearted secrets revealed
Common misconceptions, secrets and questions regarding the Queen, which have been unanswered till now, have finally been made available for public knowledge. ANI

John Edwards flirts with alternate juror during own financial fraud trial
Former U.S. Presidential candidate and Senator John Edwards, who is facing campaign finance fraud trial, has been seen flirting with one of the alternate jurors. ANI

'Established groups' may have been behind recent bombings in Syria: UN chief
UN Secretary-general Ban Ki- moon on Friday said that "established groups" may have been behind the recent bombings in Syria, where "the overall situation remains extremely serious." ANI

Hezbollah ready to join national dialogue without preconditions: chief
Lebanese Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah voiced Friday support to President Michel Suleiman 's call for the resumption of national dialogue sessions without preconditions as of the second week of June. ANI

UN envoy hails progress towards end of transition period in Somalia
A UN envoy for Somalia on Friday hailed the progress towards the end of Somalia's transition, saying that the transition period is scheduled to end on Aug. 20. ANI

2 female Army Reserve officers sue U.S. Department of Defense over 'combat ban policies for women'
Two women in the Army Reserve have sued the U.S. Department of Defense and the Army, in a bid to reverse military policies banning women from serving in combat roles. ANI

Egyptians fear "nightmare scenario" following deadlock in first round of Prez polls
Egypt is gearing up for weeks of tension and uncertainty as the country's first round of landmark presidential elections produced a run-off between Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi and former regime prime minister Ahmed Shafiq. ANI

Osama CIA doc conviction leaves Pak 'isolated' in corridors of power in Washington
The Obama administration has joined lawmakers in condemning the conviction of Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi, who helped the CIA trace Osama Bin Laden, leaving Pakistan isolated in the corridors of power in the U.S. capital. ANI

Israeli man divorces wife for not getting rid of her 550 cats
A man in Israel has divorced his wife because she refused to get rid of her 550 cats. ANI

Japanese man cooks and serves own genitalia to guests
A Japanese man, who had his genitals removed, cooked and served them to five paying dinner party guests. ANI

Uggs launches Swarovski crystal-covered wedding boots for brides
Popular Australian footwear company Uggs,\ has unveiled a new line of wedding boots for brides. ANI

51pc US couples dissatisfied with duration of sex
More than half of American couples feel dissatisfied with the length of time their sexual escapades last, according to a new study. ANI

'Anti-monogamist' Holly Hill says she's done with open relationships
Holly Hill, who had previously insisted that allowing her boyfriend to cheat three nights a week kept them strong, has now admitted that it destroyed them. ANI

Gilani decides not to file appeal against SC conviction following Speaker's backing
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and his legal and political advisers, after discussing the pros and cons of challenging the Supreme Court's decision convicting Gilani in the contempt case, have decided not to file the appeal. ANI

UK police arrests 30th Sun journo in 'illegal payments to public officials' probe
A journalist working for the British tabloid, The Sun, has became the 30th person to be arrested as part of inquiry into illegal payments to public officials for information and stories. ANI

German Medical Association apologises for Nazi docs' 'sadistic experiments' on Jews during WW II
The German Medical Association has apologised for the sadistic experiments carried out by Nazi doctors on Jews during the Second World War. ANI

Pak SC rules 'foreigners' have no right to represent Pakistanis
The Pakistan Supreme Court has suspended the National Assembly membership of Farahnaz Ispahani, for holding dual nationality, ruling that foreigners have no right to represent the people of Pakistan or decide issues of national importance. ANI

30 North Korean officials involved in South talks executed in 'staged traffic accidents': Amnesty
Thirty North Korean officials who were involved in talks with South Korea were executed or died in 'staged traffic accidents,' a human rights organisation has claimed. ANI

Salary envy 'may make young employees happy'
Seeing others around them do well can actually makes young workers happy by providing them with aspirations, a new study has revealed. ANI

Dr Afridi at 'grave risk' from Taliban 'baying for his blood' in Peshawar prison
Intelligence officials have said keeping Dr Shakil Afridi in Peshawar's central prison is no less than keeping him in plain sight of the Taliban who are purportedly baying for his blood. ANI

Huffington Post's new Brit-Muslim journo sparks outrage over pro-Iranian morals
The Huffington Post's UK site has sparked controversy after it hired British journalist Mehdi Hasan, as its political director, who has been described by detractors as "a devout Muslim who has praised Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei". ANI

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood seeks allies to 'save uprising' ahead of presidential run-off
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood party has called for talks with other presidential candidates and party leaders, in an attempt to "save" the uprising ahead of the presidential elections in the country. ANI

President Obama tucks wife Michelle in bed each night
Michelle Obama has spoken out about her intimate time with the President and has also revealed their bedtime ritual. ANI

Romney accepts 'Obama's birthplace not an issue in Presidential race'
An advisor to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said that the former Massachusetts governor does not believe that Barack Obama's birth place is an issue in the White House campaign. ANI

Vatican butler detained in alleged papal corruption, power struggle leak case
The Vatican police has arrested Pope Benedict XVI's household butler, Paolo Gabriele in a case of recent leaks of personal papal correspondence that has thrown unwanted light on power struggles and alleged corruption within the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. ANI

Berlusconi's accountant brought 16m pounds to bunga bunga parties to pay girls
Silvio Berlusconi's accountant has revealed, during a court hearing, that he was ordered to bring an amazing 16million pounds in cash to the former Italian Prime Minister's luxury villa to pay girls who attended his infamous bunga bunga parties. ANI

Obama's pot-smoking days with Choom Gang during school revealed
US President Barack Obama had reportedly smoked marijuana in his youth as a secondary school pupil in Honolulu, Hawaii, a new biography revealed. ANI

I'm the twoosh master, says Barack Obama
Barack Obama jokingly refers himself as the "twoosh master" after crafting a perfect 140-character tweet in an exchange through the micro blogging site at the end of this week's White House West Wing Week video. ANI

Berlusconi's party girl 'masqueraded as Obama during bunga-bunga party'
A young woman, who attended Silvio Berlusconi's infamous 'bunga bunga' parties, told a court on Friday that she had once dressed up as a burlesque version of U.S. President Barack Obama to entertain the former Italian Prime Minister. ANI

Top Chinese official cancelled UK visit over 'hurtful' Cameron-Dalai Lama meeting
China had reportedly cancelled a senior leader's visit to Britain in protest against a meeting between UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Dalai Lama. ANI

'Tired' Munter says diplomacy in Pakistan extremely 'demanding' job
U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, has termed the practice of diplomacy in Pakistan as the most demanding job, stating that he was tired of the "fastness" of the Pakistani media. ANI

Third U.S. drone strike in week 'kills four militants' in North Waziristan
A third U.S. drone attack within a week early Saturday killed at least four militants in a northwestern Pakistani tribal district bordering Afghanistan, security officials have said. ANI

Pak Human Rights Commission demands 'fair trial' for Dr Afridi
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed its concern over denial of due process rights to Dr Shakeel Afridi and has demanded a fair trial for him. ANI

Osama admired Che Guevara
A Pakistani intelligence agent who interrogated Osama Bin Laden's three wives said they were fiercely loyal to their husband and gave little away when they were questioned after the Al-Qaeda chief was killed in a U.S. raid over a year ago. ANI

22 pc of US suicide victims intoxicated at time of death
Nearly a quarter of U.S. suicide victims are legally intoxicated when they die, a large-scale study has found. ANI

Doctored pic of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp performing oral sex sparks outrage
A photoshopped photo in the recent issue of Hustler magazine depicting conservative commentator S.E. Cupp performing oral sex has sparked outrage among women on the ABC show 'The View'. ANI

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