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International News on June 3, 2012

Pakistan stands as second largest troop-contributing country in UN peacekeeping
As the world has just celebrated the International Day of United Nations peacekeepers on May 29, the Pakistani military said Sunday that Pakistan stands as the second largest troop-contributing country in UN peacekeeping. ANI

Highway pileups kill 11 in East China
At least 11 people were dead and 19 others were injured, five seriously, in seven highway pileups caused by heavy fog that occurred Sunday morning in east China's Jiangsu Province. ANI

Condition of boy confirmed with bird flu in HK remains serious
Hong Kong's health authority said on Sunday that the two-year-old boy confirmed with Influenza A (H5N1) on Saturday is currently receiving isolated treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital and his condition remained serious. ANI

Assad says Syria subject to "sedition project" not political one
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Sunday his country is not facing a political crisis but rather a project of sedition that aims at destroying the homeland, adding that the weapon of sedition is terrorism. ANI

Israeli air strikes on Gaza hurt seven
Medical sources said Sunday that overnight Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have wounded seven Palestinians. ANI

Foreign journalist's statement to become part of Bhutto's murder case
The Pakistan's anti-terrorism court's best judge Shahid Rafiq has accepted two applications from the FIA to make the statement of a foreign journalist part of the 2007 Benazir Bhutto murder case and to hold a hearing twice a week ANI

Gruelling working conditions 'still the norm' at Foxconn in China
Workers at Foxconn factories in China are facing humiliating treatment with gruelling workloads, embarrassing punishments and battery-farm living conditions, according to one of the most detailed reports on life inside China's Foxconn factories. ANI

Six killed in clashes between Yemeni army, al-Qaida
Yemeni troops clashed with dozens of al-Qaida militants in the southern province of Abyan, leaving at least six terrorists killed on Sunday, the defense ministry said. ANI

Pakistan fears becoming globally isolated
As U.S. frustration with Pakistan's six-month blockade NATO supply routes increases, Islamabad is growing worried that their government's negotiating strategy could globally isolate their country completely. ANI

12 killed in Nigeria suicide bombers attack
At least 12 people were killed and several others injured when a suicide bomber attacked a church in Nigeria's northern city of Bauchi on Sunday, witnesses said. ANI

Gunmen kill seven in South West Pakistan
Unknown gunmen killed at least seven people including two policemen on Sunday afternoon when they opened fire at a shop in Pakistan's southwestern metropolitan of Quetta, official said. ANI

151 insurgent camps in Balochistan, Afghanistan creating unrest: Pak Frontier Corps chief
Pakistan Frontier Corps' (FC) Inspector-General (IG) Major General Ubaidullah Khan has said that nearly 121 insurgent training camps were operating in Balochistan and 30 in Afghanistan, which are contributing to unrest in the province. ANI

Sixty tons of 'Al-Qaeda drug' imported into UK every week: Report
Sixty tons of a drug linked to an Al-Qaeda outfit in Somalia is imported into Britain every week and openly used by addicts, according to a report. ANI

U.S. govt forced to deny existence of Zombies after spate of cannibalistic attacks
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US released a statement on Friday saying that there is no cause to fear the walking dead - Zombies. ANI

Barack Obama's re-election ad to air during MTV Movie Awards
The viewers of the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday will also get to see the first national TV ad for President Obama's re-election campaign starring actress Sarah Jessica Parker, it has been revealed. ANI

New book reveals Barack Obama's not-so-presidential past
An explosive new biography on the life of Barack Obama has revealed the young President when he was just known as "Barry", had a pet ape named Tata and spent his evenings smoking pot. ANI

Obama too lazy to make own breakfast after oversleeping
President Obama spent his first night at his private home in Chicago in over a year. ANI

UK SAS sets up safe camps for Syrian refugees
British defense chiefs have made secret plans to provide safe havens to refugees escaping the Assad regime in Syria. ANI

Oz Defence Minister to ease China's concerns over US presence in Asia-Pacific
Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith has said he will attempt to allay Bejing's concerns over Canberra's strong bond with Washington in an upcoming meeting with Chinese officials. ANI

'Cuban-US ties can normalize if Obama wins second term': Raul Castro's daughter
Cuban President Raul Castro's daughter Mariela has said that her country's relations with the U.S. can normalize if President Barack Obama wins a second consecutive term. ANI

US court asks Clinton to make decision on removing Iran's MEK group from 'terror' list
A US court has ordered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to decide within four months whether a dissident Iranian group should be removed from the US terror blacklist. ANI

Iran vows to give 'proportionate' reaction to Israel, US attack on nuke sites
A top Iranian official has vowed that his country will respond to any Israeli or U.S. attack against its nuclear sites with a 'proportionate' reaction. ANI

Gilani calls for legislation on missing persons
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has reportedly issued orders to make special laws regarding missing persons. ANI

Dinosaurs come to life as Houston museum unveils new paleontology hall
Dinosaurs and other mysterious prehistoric beasts came to life Saturday as the Houston Museum of Natural Science opened its new world-class paleontology hall to the public in the fourth largest U.S. city. ANI

British Queen begins Diamond Jubilee weekend with a day at the races
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II began a four-day series of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of her becoming queen with a visit to the horse races close to her Windsor home on Saturday afternoon. ANI

Afghan forces kill 8 Taliban fighters including commander
Afghan security forces raided a Taliban hideout in Badakhshan province 315 km northeast of capital Kabul killing eight militants, including their commander on Sunday, spokesman for provincial administration Abdul Marouf Rasikh said. ANI

Miss USA contestants fail to name country's vice prez
Contestants of the Miss USA pageant were unable to name the vice president of their country when they were quizzed in the contest. ANI

Older employees feel discriminated against by flexible working hours
Almost a third of older workers think that their employers put colleagues with young children first, leading to tensions in the workplace, a new study has revealed. ANI

Hair offered to gods by Indian women end up as 3,000 pounds extensions in UK
Temple hair, which are offered by thousands of Indian women and a few men every day as a gift to Lord Venkateswara - the presiding deity, has already found its way to hundreds of British salons where it is sold in the form of real hair extensions costing up to 3,000 pounds a time. ANI

Man and sis-in-law charged for alleged public display of affection
A businessman and his sister-in-law were brought to court for allegedly exchanging kisses in public, while he taught her how to use chopsticks in a restaurant. ANI

Iran's supreme leader says "sanctions have no impact"
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Sunday that Western sanctions have no impact on his country. ANI

Myanmar military '100 pc supports' pro-democratic reforms, says MoD
Myanmar's Defense Minister Hla Min has said that the country's military is "100 percent in support" of the country's reformist President Thein, Sein and will continue to follow the orders of the civilian government. ANI

Kuwait warns against wearing bikinis on beaches
Kuwait security officials have warned that wearing bikinis at public beaches is an act of indecency. ANI

U.S. rejects majority of Pakistan support fund's 'unrealistic' demands: Report
The United States has reportedly rejected most of the demands made by Pakistan with respect to the coalition support fund claiming them to be unrealistic. ANI

Osama op doctor refuses to eat Pak prison meal over fear of poisoning
The Pakistani doctor who helped the U.S. locate Osama Bin Laden, has reportedly refused to eat meals provided by the Peshawar jail authorities. ANI

US open to improving military ties with Myanmar if reforms continue: Panetta
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said the United States is open to improving military ties with Myanmar if that country continues with its political and human rights reforms. ANI

Obama gives 5th grader best absence note ever
President Obama wrote an absence note for a 5-grader, named Tyler Sullivan, after the student skipped class for a presidential appearance in Minnesota on Friday. ANI

Myanmar parliament speaker urges people to reveal desire, need
Speaker of Myanmar's House of Representatives U Shwe Mann has urged people to effectively enjoy their rights by revealing their desire and need to respective parliament representatives, official media reported Sunday. ANI

Texas hosts one of world's largest amatuer sandcastle competitions
Architects, engineers and designers competed on Galveston, an island city in the U.S. state of Texas, on Saturday in a sandcastle contest billed as one of the world's largest amateur sand castle competitions. ANI

China's manned deep-sea submersible to attempt 7,000-meter dive
An oceanographic ship carrying China's manned deep-sea submersible, the Jiaolong, left eastern port city of Jiangyin Sunday for the Mariana Trench to attempt the world's deepest manned submersible dive. ANI

Long-sealed Watergate documents set for release
The U.S. Department of Justice has said that some documents related to a court case against seven men involved in the 1972 Watergate burglary should be released. ANI

One dead, 7 injured in shooting at shopping mall in Toronto
A shooting at one of Toronto's largest malls killed one person, injured seven Saturday and sent thousands of weekend shoppers running in fear. ANI

Tourists' length of stay in Nepal reaches 13 days
The average length of stay of tourists in Nepal increased to a seven-year high of 13.1 days in 2011 and travel trade analysts have attributed the growth to a decline in strikes and increased tourist arrivals for trekking and mountaineering, local press reported Sunday. ANI

Philippine Navy to commence Exercise Pagsasama
Philippine Navy forces will commence a set of training activities on Sunday, code-named Exercise Pagsasama, with reservists to hone skills in various naval operations in Eastern Mindanao, a military spokesman said. ANI

Four killed in U.S. drone strike in North West Pakistan
At least four people including two suspected militants were killed and 10 others injured on Sunday morning when U.S. drones fired missiles in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region of South Waziristan, local media reported. ANI

Deja vu as Pak court acquits 4 terror accused of aiding Times Square bomber
In what seems to have become the norm in Pakistan of terror suspects walking free due to lack of evidence provided to the courts by prosecutors, four Pakistani men accused of involvement in the 2010 Times Square bomb plot have been acquitted by a Rawalpindi court, a lawyer and family members of the men have said. ANI

Unmanned NASA aircraft to study hurricanes in 2012
NASA will be sending unmanned aircrafts dubbed "severe storm sentinels" above stormy skies, beginning this summer and over the next several years, to help researchers and forecasters uncover information about hurricane formation and intensity changes. ANI

Armies of India, Pakistan, egos 'biggest hurdle in resolving Siachen issue': Mukhtar
Pakistan Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has stressed that the biggest problem in resolving the Siachen issue were the armies of both India and akistan. ANI

Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq's headquarters attacked following Mubarak ruling
Protesters in Egypt have reportedly attacked the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq. ANI

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