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International News on June 10, 2012

Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak in critical condition
Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak is in a critical condition and is slipping in and out of consciousness Andhra News

Kenya interior minister George Saitoti dies in Chopper crash
Kenya interior minister George Saitoti dies in helicopter crash in a forest near Nairobi Andhra News

Ex-Al Jazeera DG claims Egypt has become a "tool for dictators"
A former director general of the Al-Jazeera television network, Wadah Khanfar has revealed that the Egyptian state has become a "tool for dictators", and if the Brotherhood candidate loses, it would be a "great setback" for the revolution. ANI

U.S. counter terrorism experts identify five gen-next Qaeda leaders
American counter terrorism experts have identified at least five potential next-generation leaders of Al-Qaeda, including three with U.S. connections, according to a report. ANI

Karzai calls U.S. airstrike 'one-sided' decision, says such operations violate pact
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said the U.S. has put the two countries' security pact at risk with a unilateral airstrike that killed 18 civilians, while a Taliban suicide bomber killed four French soldiers responding to a tipoff about a bomb hidden under a bridge. ANI

Syria rebels gaining momentum amid growing deadlock in country
Syrian rebel forces appear to be gaining some momentum, stepping up their attacks on government troops and expanding the area under their control. ANI

Air traffic controllers' workplace stoushes posing threat to Oz passengers' security
Air traffic controllers, who are responsible for the safety of passengers on Australian planes, have been involved in a series of workplace arguments in control towers and centres. ANI

Obama's sister to help in for re-election campaign
President Barack Obama's sister will be campaigning for her brother to win his re-election bid, as she did in 2008. ANI

'Vladimir Putin's watch collection worth six times his salary'
Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly owns a watch collection worth more than 450,000 pounds, an opposition group has claimed. ANI

Tokyo donors, Kerry-Lugar programme fail to honour promises to Pak
Pakistan has so far managed to get just 1.6 billion dollars out of the 12.5 billion dollars pledged at the Tokyo donors conference and under the Kerry-Lugar Act- the two major international initiatives launched to support the country's fragile economy and help it to fight terrorism. ANI

Pak CJ's son denies any ties with tycoon Malik Riaz, his family
Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's son, Arsalan Iftikhar, has strongly rejected his relationship, intimacy or acquaintance with property tycoon Malik Riaz, his daughter or son-in-law. ANI

Russia to bury Lenin's embalmed body after 88 years
Russia will be burying the body of Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin after 88 years. ANI

Several bloggers arrested in Oman without reason
Omani authorities have arrested several bloggers, activists have said. ANI

Ex-Indian army officer kills family, self in US
A former Indian Army officer, who was wanted for the killing of a lawyer in the disputed Kashmir region, has killed his wife and two children before killing himself, US authorities have said. ANI

Iran's secret love for Man U towels and Union Jack undies revealed
Iranians are said to be fond of their booze, Man U towels and Union Jack knickers, despite their leaders going against everything that is western. ANI

Oz Christian groups trying to cure homosexual teens through treatment
Desperate parents and some Christian leaders in Australia are sending their gay children to counselling in an effort to change their sexuality, through controversial therapies that are facing a ban overseas. ANI

Lunch with Warren Buffett fetches $3.5m at charity auction
The cost to dine with Warren Buffett has sky rocketed in value, with one deep-pocketed bidder forking over nearly 3.5 million dollars during a charity auction. ANI

No confirmed report about number of missing persons: Pak Commission
The head of a judicial commission looking into the recovery of missing persons, has said no state institution has a confirmed report about the number of missing persons. ANI

Status of 'convicted' Kohistan women still a mystery
Questions have been raised over the fate of five Kohistani women, who were condemned to death by a local jirga after a mobile phone footage emerged of them dancing and singing with men at a village wedding, even after social activists have vouched for their safety. ANI

33 Indians commit suicide in UAE this year
About 33 Indians committed suicide in Dubai and the northern emirates this year. ANI

'Pakistan has own 'well thought out' anti-terror strategy'
Pakistan has sent out a crystal clear message to U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that it is following a well thought out strategy to eradicate the menace of extremism and terrorism and will follow its own timeline, regarding "safe havens" in Pakistan. ANI

Elections to be postponed in Libya
Elections in Libya for a constituent assembly that was set to be held by June 19 has been postponed for logistical reasons, Electoral Commission members have said. ANI

Russian oligarch visiting UK implicated in international row over ship 'taking arms' to Syria
A Russian oligarch coming to attend the London Olympics is in the midst of an international row over one of his ships 'exporting arms' to the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. ANI

Russia will oppose UNSC military intervention sanction in Syria
Russia will continue to oppose attempts by the UN Security Council to sanction military intervention in Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said. ANI

Qantas airline suspends 10 workers over porn
At least 10 Qantas employees have been suspended indefinitely for allegedly watching and sharing pornographic pictures on computers at Sydney Airport. ANI

Pakistani lady doctor held in Afghanistan for 'poisoning' school children
A Pakistani woman doctor is under investigation for her alleged involvement in poisoning dozens of school students over the past three weeks in Takhar province of Afghanistan, an official has said. ANI

5 pc working women 'under influence of drugs' in NZ
One in 20 women take illegal drugs to get through the working day, a new survey has suggested. ANI

Government takes notice of Dera Ghazi Khan molestation case
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari taking notice of the alleged molestation of five girls at Fort Monroe in Dera Ghazi Khan, has directed the provincial government to submit a report on the incident immediately. ANI

Foreign students are victims of dirty deals in NSW cleaning industry
International students brought to Sydney to boost the New South Wales (NSW) economy and who work graveyard shifts cleaning city office buildings are said to be being paid as little as ten dollars an hour. ontract cleaning companies are also accused of forcing students and travellers on working holiday visas to accept illegal cash-in-hand payments to keep them "off the books" ANI

Beijing to open more Great Wall sections to tourism
Beijing authorities said Saturday that the city will open more sections of the Great Wall to accommodate the mounting number of tourists. ANI

UAE visa problem for Indians with new passports
Visa applications with new Indian passports that do not have an 'emigration clearance not required' (ECNR) stamp are being rejected by the UAE Ministry of Labour's website. ANI

Baroness Warsi facing probe for links with Pak-based 'extremist'
Pakistan-origin British politician Baroness Warsi is a facing fresh probe over her links with extremists, after it was revealed that her undeclared business partner, Abid Hussain, was involved with a radical Islamist party. ANI

Egyptian MP caught in 'indecent act' with woman in public
An Islamist MP in Egypt has been caught performing an 'indecent' act with a woman in public, official media reports. ANI

Zardari attributes Panetta's scathing anti-Pak comments to election year politics in U.S.
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, while playing down the recent harsh comments by the U.S. Defense Secretary, has said the same were made due to "political reasons". ANI

Cancer-hit Venezuelan Prez Chavez says 'everything fine' after tests
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said that all was well after undergoing tests following his cancer treatment. havez said the tests included imaging tests, which are used to check for the reappearance of tumors. ANI

North Korea denies plans for nuclear test 'at present'
North Korea has said it has no plans to conduct a third nuclear test "at present", and has hit out at what it says is provocation from South Korea. ANI

Qaeda affiliate offers camels, chickens for 'idiot' Obama and 'old woman' Hillary's heads
Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia has mocked the new 33 million dollar bounty on its top leaders by offering its own bounty for President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -10 camels for Obama and 20 chickens for Clinton. ANI

Pak Judicial panel blames foreign spy agencies for Balochistan unrest
The judicial commission formed by the government to investigate the festering issue of enforced disappearances has concluded that foreign spy agencies are creating unrest in Balochistan. ANI

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