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Japanese PM reshuffles his cabinet

October 1, 2012 - Tokyo

In a bid to revitalize the cabinet and tackle the domestic and diplomatic issues, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda made a reshuffle to his cabinet for the third time this year. Koriki Jojima has been made the new finance minister replacing Jun Azumi. Noda is just one of the 10 new ministers in the 18-member Cabinet.

  • Koriki Jojima - Finance Minister
  • Seiji Maehara - National Policy Minister
  • Makiko Tanaka - Education Minister

Eight Cabinet posts were not changed including the key positions of defense, foreign affairs and economics and trade. Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba has retained his position.

Japan is far from recovery after facing the disastrous 2011 Tsunami. The revival of the Japanese economy is still in progress. Yoshihiko Noda has recently doubled the sales tax to 10 per cent disappointing the public which forced his support rating slide below 30 per cent.

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