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International News on January 29, 2012

No more tattoos for cops in Australian state
New South Wales (NSW) police is drafting a new policy under which no officer would be allowed to sport any visible tattoos on their body. ANI

Top Chinese auditor cautions against fiscal and financial risks
The National Audit Office (NAO) of China has cautioned against possible risks in the fiscal and financial sectors this year. ANI

Perturbed Hindus urge California firm to withdraw Lord Ganesha yoga mats
Upset Hindus have urged for the immediate recalling of yoga mats carrying images of Lord Ganesha sold by a California (USA) based firm Yogamatic on its website, calling it inappropriate. ANI

Daughter 'heartbroken' over Kevin Rudd's axing as PM in 2010
Kevin Rudd's daughter Jessica has maintained her rage over at the betrayal on her father's axing as Australian Prime Minister in 2010. ANI

'Taliban trying to appear as more moderate force ahead of Afghan peace talks'
The Taliban has tried to project itself as a more moderate force as it has vowed to forge peaceful ties with neighbouring countries and respect human rights in its recent public statements ahead of the Afghan peace talks, a report has said. ANI

'Khar to visit Afghanistan over Taliban peace talks'
Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar will visit Kabul on Wednesday for peace talks on the Taliban insurgency, Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai has said. ANI

Oz officials left baffled by prisoners breaking out regularly to commit crime
Australian police and prison officials are investigating claims that two prison inmates are breaking out of prison secretly, committing crimes and then sneaking back in undetected. ANI

'Dying' Jobs kept rival Bill Gates' letter next to bed
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wrote Steve Jobs a letter as he was dying, which ended up meaning so much to the Apple's visionary co-founder that he kept it next to his bed, it has emerged. ANI

Romney likens Gingrich to 'Goldilocks' following prez debate audience's complaints
Former Massachusetts governor and the 2012 White House contender Mitt Romney has likened Newt Gingrich to a fairy tale character "Goldilocks" after the latter complained about the debate's audience. ANI

Senior UK military official says Britain faces 'impossible' battle if Argentina invades Falklands
Britain will find it 'impossible' to win back the Falkland Islands if Argentina invades them again, one of the country's senior military figures has warned. ANI

'Human Rights Watch's report on China lacks objectivity, impartiality'
The World Report 2012 report released by the New York-based NGO Human Rights Watch lacks objectivity and impartiality in examining China's human rights scenario, a report in a Chinese daily has said. ANI

Washington lobbyists to cut ties with Egyptian government following raids on offices
Several Washington lobbyists have announced that they are ending their contract with the Egyptian government amid the deepening of the controversy involving raids conducted on the offices of American advocacy groups. ANI

PPP wants Pak general elections to be held ahead of schedule
Pakistan People's Party is seriously thinking about holding general elections ahead of the schedule, apparently in the fall of this year, and in this connection the party leadership is taking views of heads of the coalition partners and other key stakeholders including the main opposition parties. ANI

North Korea to punish mobile phone users as 'war criminals'
North Korea has warned that any of its citizens caught using mobile phones would be branded as 'war criminals' and will be punished. ANI

Cain endorses Gingrich for US President
Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has endorsed White House contender Newt Gingrich, after two months of wavering on whether the retired pizza chain executive would offer his support to a fellow candidate. ANI

Unseen areas of Charles Dickens house now open to public
Hidden sections of a house that was featured in Charles Dickens' novel 'The Pickwick Papers' are being opened to the public in a one day only event. ANI

Obama bowling alley 'just a hoax'
An email circulating on the Internet that shows a picture of the 'Obama bowl' featuring Barack Obama's face at the end of each lane with the pins as his teeth has been revealed to be a hoax. ANI

Brewer's finger- wagging gesture 'touches nerve in black community'
Some black commentators have said that Arizona governor Jan Brewer's wagging of her finger at US President Barack Obama has touched a nerve in the African- American community. ANI

US seeks more powerful bomb against Iran's deeply hidden nuclear facilities
The United States is seeking a more powerful bomb after acknowledging that its largest conventional bomb is not capable of destroying Iran's most heavily fortified underground nuclear facilities. ANI

Iran's lawmakers finalise draft bill banning oil sales to European Union
Iranian lawmakers have finalized a draft bill requiring the government to immediately halt oil exports to Europe in response to the bloc's decision to ban the purchase of oil from Tehran. ANI

White House contender Gingrich vows to press ahead even if he loses Florida primary
White House contender Newt Gingrich has said that he plans to press ahead even if he loses the Florida primary. ANI

Moderate levels of exercise may help soothe a savage boss
Moderate exercise minimizes supervisors' abusive behaviour towards their subordinates, a new study has suggested. ANI

Porn filmmakers see 'condom raid' by health officials as erosion of rights
The mayor of Los Angeles city council, Antonio Villaraigosa, has passed a law that will force performers in adult movies to use condoms. ANI

3 topless Ukrainian feminists detained in snowy Davos
Three topless Ukrainian protestors were arrested in the snow in Davos as they tried to break into an invitation-only gathering of CEOs and political leaders to call attention to the needs of the world's poor. ANI

4 The Sun journalists arrested following News International's 'draining the swamp' move
The British Police has arrested four senior journalists from The Sun newspaper on suspicion of making illegal payments to police officers. ANI

Sherry Rehman turns to Pakistani-Americans to help mend soured ties with US
Pakistan's Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman, has urged Pakistani-Americans to help improve the soured relations between both the countries. ANI

"Illegal" US drone strikes fueling insurgency in Pakistan: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that US drone strikes were only fueling insurgency in the country. ANI

Libya's NTC's new electoral law abandons reservation for women in assembly
Benghazi, Jan 29 Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has announced a new electoral law abandoning the provision of reserving 10 percent of the seats for women in the constitutional assembly, and lowers the age limit for candidates to 21 years, a committee member Mustafa Landy said. ANI

Two tour operators facing 7 yr jail if convicted in Andaman "human safari" scandal
Two men may face upto seven years in jail if convicted of organizing trips in the Andaman Islands to enable tourists to see Jarawa tribals. ANI

Syria expresses 'regret, astonishment' over Arab League's decision to halt observer mission
Syria has expressed "regret and astonishment" over the Arab League's decision to suspend its observer mission in the country. ANI

'Outraged' Costa Concordia survivors file lawsuit demanding $460 mln as compensation
Six passengers travelling on the Costa Concordia cruise liner, that ran aground off the Italian coast nearly two weeks ago, are suing the ship's owner for 460 million dollars, days after the company offered each passenger just 14,400 dollars. ANI

Military coup 'not possible' in Pakistan ever: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said a military coup is not a possibility in Pakistan in the present scenario, as the army desired democracy and stability in the country. ANI

Ijaz tells Pak SC he 'won't risk life by traveling to Islamabad' for Memo Gate testimony
Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz has filed an application in Supreme Court, saying he won't risk his life by traveling to Islamabad to testify on the Memo Gate issue. ANI

22 Indian fishermen detained in Pak for fishing in territorial waters of Arabian Sea
Pakistani authorities have arrested 22 Indian fishermen and seized their boats for allegedly entering the country's territorial waters. ANI

Yemeni President Saleh reaches US for medical treatment
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has reportedly reached the United States for medical treatment in the latest stage of an effort to help ease the transition from his rule. ANI

ExxonMobil to Restructure Holdings in Japan
ExxonMobil and TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K have entered into an agreement which will result in the restructuring of ExxonMobil’s holdings in Japan Business Wire India

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