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International News on January 24, 2012

One in four web users 'are music pirates', says report
One in four Internet users are illegally accessing music through unauthorised sites every month, according to a new report. ANI

Hindus dismayed at American presidential candidate Santorum's comments
Hindus are dismayed at American Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum's reported comments few days back that equality does not come from "Eastern religions". ANI

Pak military should admit role in allowing drone strikes and build consensus on it: Editorial
An editorial in a Pakistan daily has called on the military to admit its role in allowing drone strikes and build a consensus on the issue, as was done on the war on terror. ANI

Illegal migrant sets up business offering UK visas in Pak with œ1500 rehab payment
An illegal immigrant and sham marriage ringleader, who was released from prison on a 1500- pound rehabilitation payment, has used it to set up a new business of offering UK passports in his home country. ANI

Oz spy agency head says 'terror threat in country remains real, persistent'
Australia is experiencing a worrying trend of home-grown terrorism, the head of the country's spy agency has claimed. ANI

Rehman Malik assures memo Commission of giving high-level security to Ijaz in Pakistan
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has assured the commission investigating the Memo Gate scandal that he would provide high-level security to Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz on his arrival in Islamabad, and would not put his name on the Exit Control List (ECL). ANI

Costa Concordia captain 'was distracted by guests on bridge'
The captain of the Costa Concordia was distracted by guests he had invited onto the bridge when the luxury cruise ship rammed into rocks off the Italian coast, one of the ship's senior officers has claimed. ANI

'Best beach bum' radio competition called 'p*rn on training wheels'
A radio station in Australia has come under much criticism from local activists for hosting a 'best beach bum' competition, which is believed to objectify women. ANI

Tom Watson claims News International 'planning to launch Sunday edition of Sun in April'
News International is planning to launch a Sunday edition of The Sun in April, British MP Tom Watson has claimed. ANI

Romney paid 'much lower tax rate than previously thought'
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid 13.9 percent as tax returns in 2010, a much lower rate of tax on his multi-million dollar income than was previously thought. ANI

Pak Army pressure on govt. affected nation's rights record
The rights of civilians and the Pakistan Government suffered under increasing pressure of the military, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has said. ANI

Japan reviews safety plans following warning of 70% chance of magnitude-7 quake
The Japanese Government has ordered a review of its security plans, with the International Atomic Energy Agency helping to identify gaps in the safety of the country's nuclear plants. ANI

Ex East German president could not stand his 'purple dragon' wife
Former East German leader Erich Honecker had a difficult marriage with his wife Margot, whom he referred to as 'the purple dragon' behind her back, according to new intelligence reports. ANI

Car flags signify racist nature in Australia: Research
A new research in Australia has suggested that people who carry national flags on their cars tend to be 'more racist'. ANI

Sarah Palin says New Jersey Governor got his 'panties in a wad'
Sarah Palin has said that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got his "panties in a wad" when he called Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich an "embarrassment" to the Party. ANI

Obama to 'hang out' on social media to field voters' questions
Barack Obama will be hosting a live video chat via Google+ Hangout on January 30 to take questions from the public regarding his State of the Union speech. ANI

ICC denies agreement over Saif Gaddafi being tried in Libya
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has denied that it has agreed that former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, could be tried in Libya. ANI

Magnitude 7 earthquake likely to hit Tokyo 'within next few years': Researchers
The chance of a big earthquake hitting Tokyo in the next few years is much greater than official predictions, researchers have warned. ANI

Strauss-Kahn's wife's resilience in coping with sex scandal 'ordeal' got her new Huffington job
Arianna Huffington, the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, has said that Anne Sinclair's resilience in coping with the "ordeal" of her husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn's sex scandal spurred her to ask her to be the editorial director of the French version of the hit website. ANI

Now, Pak EC warns Supreme Court's 'overreach can create anarchy in country'
Amid a situation wherein the Pakistan Army, government and the Supreme Court are locked in tense standoffs, the country's Election Commission has also jumped into the fray by slamming the Supreme Court's stay order on the upcoming by-elections, saying that the imbalance of powers could lead to "anarchy in the country." ANI

Obama ordered to appear before US court over birth claims
U.S. President Barack Obama has been ordered to appear in court on Thursday to answer claims he isn't a natural born citizen, and therefore, can't be US president. ANI

The changing dynamics that are thwarting possibility of military coup in Pak
An article in a US daily has said the fact that the Pakistan People-Party seems to edging closer to becoming the first elected government to complete its tenure has sparked off a debate about whether the military still continues to wield power behind the scenes or whether the roots of democracy are actually deepening in the country. ANI

Egypt army hands over power to parliament
Egypt's ruling military, which took power when president Hosni Mubarak was ousted last February, on Monday handed legislative powers to the new lower house of parliament, the cabinet said. ANI

'Womaniser' King of Spain tried to seduce Princess Diana
The King of Spain, Juan Carlos, had apparently made a 'tactile' advance on Princess Diana while she was on a holiday with Prince Charles in Majorca in the 1980s, a new biography has claimed. ANI

US charges 'Reluctant Spy' author with leaking secrets to journalists
A former CIA officer who helped capture senior Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah in Pakistan was charged on Monday with disclosing classified information to journalists, including the name of a covert US intelligence officer. ANI

Surrey Police covered up News of The World hacking of 13-yr-old's voice mails
Surrey Police knew for nine years that the News of the World had been hacking Milly Dowler's voicemails - and was even played a recording of one message by a journalist from the Sunday newspaper - but never took action about the law-breaking or told her anguished family. ANI

Women crave for pillow talk after sex
Couple's pillow talk after sex could be a key to happy relationship, psychologists say. ANI

Obama singing 'Lets Stay Together' now cell phone ringtone
Barack Obama's campaign has released his much talked about rendition of the song "Lets Stay Together" as a downloadable cell phone clip that can be made into a ring tone. ANI

Cameron joins Sarkozy, Merkel in accusing Iran of threatening 'peace, security of us all'
British Prime Minister David Cameron has joined French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in accusing Iran of threatening the "peace and security of us all". ANI

Rich Russians 'bribed Costa Concordia crew with fistfuls of cash' to get on lifeboats
Wealthy Russians allegedly paid "wads of cash" to Costa Concordia crew members to get on lifeboats as the cruise ship began to capsize. ANI

Assange plans to host global online TV talk show
Whistle blower website Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange has said that will host a global TV talk show while on bail where he will interview "key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries". ANI

Iran says unfair EU oil sanctions will fail
Iran has said an oil embargo adopted by European Union foreign ministers over the country's nuclear programme is "unfair" and "doomed to fail". ANI

No repair on Big Ben before 2020
A committee of British lawmakers have said that there will be no renovation work on the Palace of Westminster that includes the famous "Big Ben" until at least 2020. ANI

Robert F Kennedy feared mafia would blind his kids in acid attack
Robert F Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy, feared that his children would be blinded by the mafia in an acid attack as a revenge for investigating them, his widow has revealed in a new film. ANI

Memo Gate kingpin Ijaz met US envoys in Switzerland: State Department
The US State Department has said that that Mansoor Ijaz, the key person in the Memo Gate scandal, met US envoys in Switzerland. ANI

Romney battles desperately to stabilise presidential campaign
Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney is reportedly fighting desperately to stabilise his US presidential campaign. ANI

Blair tried to give Gibraltar to Spain to curry favour with EU
Former British prime minister Tony Blair wanted to hand Gibraltar over to Spain to curry favour with the European Union, a former minister of his cabinet has revealed. ANI

Obama attempting to achieve a George Bush style re-election
U.S. President Barack Obama will attempt to borrow a page from an unlikely playbook-that of the man he has spent the last five years disparaging, George W. Bush - to get re-elected this year. ANI

Indian -origin surgeon Jayant Patel's appeal to be heard on Feb 10
Convicted Indian- origin surgeon Jayant Patel's appeal will be heard at an Australian High Court on February 10. ANI

'Ijaz's 'angry rhetoric' shows him more like an opposition politician than serious witness'
An article in a Pakistan daily has accused Mansoor Ijaz and his lawyers of trying to play anti-Pakistan politics and called Ijaz 's seeking army protection as illegal. ANI

Costa Concordia death toll rises to 15 with 2 more bodies found on cruise ship
Italian authorities have found two more bodies in the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship, bringing the toll to 15. ANI

Another Tibetan protestor shot dead by Chinese police forces
Chinese police opened fire on thousands of Tibetan protestors in the nation's southwestern Sichuan province and killed at least one person and wounding many others. ANI

Gaddafi loyalists seize control of Libyan town Bani Walid
Fighters loyal to slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi have seized the town of Bani Walid. ANI

Pak, US armies reject each other's probe findings on Nov 26 NATO airstrike
In a tit- for tat move, both the Pakistan and the US armies have rejected their counterpart's probe findings on the deadly November 26 NATO airstrike. ANI

Zardari's immunity makes approaching Swiss courts to reopen cases "irrelevant" Aitzaz
Aitzaz Ahsan, the counsel for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case, has said it would be "irrelevant" to write a letter to Swiss courts to reopen graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari because he has "complete immunity". ANI

Haqqani requests memo judicial commission not to give Ijaz another chance
Pakistan's former ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, has reportedly submitted a petition to the judicial commission, requesting not to give American-businessman Mansoor Ijaz another opportunity for recording his statement over the Memo Gate scandal. ANI

'ISI chief advised Musharraf to drop Pak return plan during secret meeting in Dubai'
Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha held a secret meeting with former Pakistan President General (retired) Pervez Musharraf in Dubai, advising him not to visit Islamabad for security reasons, sources have claimed. ANI

Iran closes border with Pak yet again over security reasons
Tehran has reportedly closed Zero Point, the trade gate between Pakistan and Iran, in the bordering town of Taftan. ANI

Egypt's new parliament elects Muslim Brotherhood's Saad Al-Katatni as speaker
Egypt's new parliament has elected Mohammed Saad Al-Katatni, a leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, as speaker. ANI

More workers going under the knife to help boost careers
Increasing number of middle-aged Kiwis are lining up for cosmetic surgery to compete with their younger colleagues in the workplace, plastic surgeons say. ANI

Acrobits’ Video VoIP-SIP iPhone Application Challenges Skype™ and Apple’s Facetime™
Acrobits, the world’s leading Mobile VoIP Applications development company has released its new combined Voice and Video application with SmoothFlow™ video technology for Apple’s iPhone. Business Wire India

LifeSize Introduces Award-Winning Social Learning Platform to Partners
LifeSize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)(SIX:LOGN), today introduced a new online social learning platform to its partners: LifeSize Enablement Network (LEN) Business Wire India

Covidien Releases Clinical Data on Plaque Excision for the Treatment of Calcified Lesions
Covidien (NYSE:COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, today released the results of the DEFINITIVE Ca++ study Business Wire India

AGCO Calls for a New Vision for Agriculture in Africa
AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE: AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, today held its first ever AGCO Africa Summit in Berlin. The Summit is a joint initiative of AGCO, Bayer CropScience and DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Business Wire India

Ascom Wireless Solutions Offers Superior Voice Quality Through Interoperability with Motorola's WiNG 5 WLAN Architecture
Ascom Wireless Solutions and Motorola Solutions have teamed to optimise functionality between their communication solutions. The companies have conducted joint testing on Motorola´s WLAN architecture and Ascom´s handsets to ensure superior voice quality, trouble-free interoperability and scalability. Business Wire India

LanzaTech Closes US $55.8 Million Series C Round
LanzaTech, a producer of low-carbon fuels and chemicals from waste gases, has closed its Series C round with new investment totaling US $55.8 million led by the Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund Business Wire India

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