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International News on January 15, 2012

China is facing a "grim situation" in terms of boosting exports: Expert
China is facing a "grim situation" in terms of boosting exports, an official from the country's top economic planning agency has said. ANI

Pak Judges acting as petitioners' lawyer in NRO case: Asma Jahangir
Veteran civil rights activist and former president of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir said that the judges were playing their role not as a judge but a petitioners' lawyer over the NRO case verdict. ANI

Last NATO convoy returns to Karachi from Pak-Afghan border
The last convoy of NATO containers parked at Afghan-Pakistan border for several days has returned to Karachi. ANI

UK divided over Scotland becoming independent nation
Most of the Scottish people living in England have rejected independence for their country while majority of English voters are supporting it, a new opinion poll has revealed. ANI

UK accused of hypocrisy over Arab arms sales
Britain has been accused of hypocrisy over arms sales in the Arab countries, including Egypt and Bahrain. ANI

Experts 'not surprised' over 'inconclusive' report of Pak scribe murder probe
Experts have said that an inconclusive judicial commission report on Pakistan journalist Saleem Shahzad's murder should not come as a surprise. ANI

'Cyberattacks likely to escalate this year'
Cyberattacks are likely to escalate this year and continue to affect corporations and governments, while reportedly putting innocent consumers at risk. ANI

Pak opposition leader says nobody can stop mid-term polls
Pakistan's opposition leader Nisar Ali Khan has reportedly said that nobody can stop the mid- term polls from taking place. ANI

Stop and search 'racial profiling' by UK police on rise
'Racial profiling' has increased over the past year in the UK, and black people are 30 times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched by British police, a new analysis has revealed. ANI

White House threatens that it won't support cyber piracy bill if it stifles internet freedom
White House officials have urged lawmakers to approve measures this year that balance the need to fight cyber piracy and counterfeiting against an open Internet. ANI

Gilani urges Pak institutions to play due role within respective domains
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has urged all state institutions to play their due role within their respective domains to promote national interest. He was speaking at a Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) meeting, which was held at the Prime Minister's House ANI

Various religions connect in dialogue in Nevada
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Catholic-Muslim-Hindu-Protestant-Buddhist-Jewish leaders today had a dialogue in Sparks (Nevada, USA) to explore connections among Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. ANI

Workplace bully victims struggling to cope with 'fatal' stress
Employees who are harassed at workplace may be more vulnerable to stress, leading to mental and physical ailments like higher body weight and heart disease. ANI

China's new nuke reactors expected to begin operations from 2013
China's first AP1000 nuclear power reactor is expected to begin operations by 2013. ANI

Hague warns 'intensifying' Iran nuclear crisis may destabilise entire Middle East
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned that "intensifying" tensions with Iran could spark crisis that would destabilise the entire Middle East unless Tehran abandons its nuclear enrichment programme. ANI

24-year-old man arrested over violent murder of Indian origin couple in UK
A 24-year-old man has been arrested by British police investigating the murder of an Indian-origin couple found dead in their home in Birmingham. ANI

US urges Pakistan to sort out Balochistan issue through dialogue
The US State Department has said that the Obama administration has asked Pakistan to sort out the Balochistan issue through dialogues. ANI

Pak likely to set new terms for re-opening NATO supply lines
The Parliamentary Committee on National Security in Pakistan has reportedly allowed the government to re-open the NATO supply route after being assured by the US that incidents like the 26/11 attacks will not be repeated on Pakistani border posts by the coalition forces in Afghanistan. ANI

Iran claims to have evidence proving US, UK hand in nuclear scientist's killing
Iran has claimed that it has evidence to prove that the United States was behind the recent assassination of its nuclear scientist. ANI

Self-immolation of another Tibetan monk triggers unrest in China
Another Buddhist monk set himself on fire in China, the latest in a series of self-immolations, that triggered clashes between Tibetans and Chinese security personnel. ANI

Rehman Malik denies 'Pak negotiating with militants'
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has denied that any negotiations were taking place between the government and militants. ANI

Pak NAB re-opens all corruption cases terminated under NRO
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has reopened all 155 cases terminated under the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) at different stages of court proceedings, NAB chairman Admiral (retd) Fasih Bokhari, has said. ANI

Ex-IAEA chief ElBaradei pulls out of 'non-democratic' Egyptian presidency race
Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has announced that he is pulling out of the presidential race, saying the country still had no "real democracy" despite its Arab Spring revolution. ANI

Taiwan's pro-China President Ma Ying Jeou wins second term
Taiwan President Ma Ying Jeou has been re-elected to a second term, capturing over 50 percent of the vote, and has promised to further improve ties with neighbouring China. ANI

Pak mourns death of its world's youngest IT child prodigy
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan Muslim League-N President Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif have offered condolences on the death of the world's youngest Information Technology icon Arfa Karim Randhawa, who passed away at the Combined Military Hospital in Lahore on January 14. ANI

Gilani offers olive branch to armed forces calling them "pillar of nation's strength"
In an attempt to appease the military amid the ongoing tension in the country over the Memo Gate scandal, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that his government fully supports the armed forces. ANI

Indian man, daughter found dead in suspected suicide attempt in Dubai
An Indian man and his daughter have been found dead inside their apartment in Dubai while his wife is hospitalised in a critical condition in an apparent mass suicide attempt. ANI

Chinese official leaves to resume border talks with India
Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo has left Beijing for India for the two-day boundary talks in New Delhi beginning Monday. ANI

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