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JACKIE CHAN at the Festival de Cannes promotes Uglow™ – ACTIVE LIGHTING GEAR

July 17, 2012 - Hong Kong S.A.R

The Chinese actor Jackie Chan believes in Uglow™, so much so, that he asked to have a unique design custom-made for his appearance at the Festival de Cannes this year! Uglow™ is the first Active Lighting Gear to offer you ultimate safety at night and in all circumstances. It is the latest breaking innovation in improved awareness for nocturnal activities: that it be in sports,on the road and in underground tunnels, etc. The A.L.G system is revolutionary in that it can be seen at up to 800 meters away, through thick fog and smog! The Uglow™ Electronic Light can stay on for up to 15 hours and is highly visible without the need for reflective light, as in the grey reflective tapes that we are accustomed to seeing on the market today, and that are no longer the most reliable equipment for certain situations when there is no light for a reflection.

Jackie Chan at Cannes festival 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

Jackie Chan at Cannes festival 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

The Brand is leading its innovation to improve night-time safety and visibility of its customers and to push further the textile industry development by bringing the future of clothing.

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The latest product is the U-Arm, allowing you to place your iphone in for a safe run, while staying visible and safe at a distance.

Uglow™ was founded in 2010, putting together Lighting engineers with safety specialists to produce the most efficient Active Lighting Gear. Uglow™ specialized in Active Lighting Gear (A.L.G system) to improve visibility and safety of nocturnal activities such as running, walking, or working within traffic-dangerous area. For more than 2 years, the company has been developing its A.L.G System to deliver the highest safety protection ever existing on the market and for its users to feel visible and protected. The company specializes in industries where a safety jacket is mandatory for all workers at night and in Sports Apparels and Garments to secure outdoor endurance.

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CONTACTS : Uglow Romain Jean de Dieu, +852 9382 4294 Managing Director/Founder

Source: Business Wire India


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