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Indian woman in UAE faces premeditated murder charges after surviving suicide bid

March 16, 2012 - Dhaka

Primary charges of premeditated murder have been levelled against an Indian woman in Dubai, who is the sole survivor of a family suicide bid.

Sreesha Nambiar was found in her apartment in January with her wrist and neck slashed in an apparent suicide bid along with the bodies of her husband Rijesh Nambiar, 32, and their daughter Avantika, 5.

Police established after an autopsy and on the weight of forensic evidence that the child was smothered to death while Sreesha's husband hanged himself.

Sreesha will be charged with attempted suicide, but her involvement in her daughter's death is yet to be established, Gulf News reports.

According to a Dubai Police source, her passport is still in police custody.

Sreesha is yet to be interrogated by the police as she is still under psychiatric care, hospital sources said.

However, initial charges filed by the police before the public prosecution mention premeditated murder and attempted suicide.

The public prosecution is currently investigating the case and only if prosecutors are convinced of her involvement will charges be pressed against Sreesha in court.

If not, then the charges against her would only pertain to a suicide bid.


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