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Indian headmistress blames 'playground mafia' of racist parents for ouster from Brit school

March 16, 2012 - London

An Indian headmistress from a primary school in Britain has claimed that a "playground mafia" of racist parents were involved in a campaign to oust her from the school.

Sudhana Singh, a teacher with 20 years experience, told an employment tribune that she experienced 'deeply rooted racist views' when she took over as head teacher of Moorlands Primary School in Reading, Berks.

Singh is now suing the local authority and the Governors of Moorlands Primary School claiming she was subjected to a campaign of unlawful race discrimination, bullying and harassment.

"I believe that the campaign to remove me from my post was, in substantial part, related to my ethnic origins," she said in her statement read by the tribunal in Reading.

"In respect of these problems both respondents failed to provide appropriate level of support but essentially adopted an approach which was detrimental to me and was less favourable compared with the way a head teacher from a different had and would have been treated," she added.

According to The Daily Mail, a man was heard to say 'bloody Indian woman should not be in charge of our children' while pupils were reported gossiping that their parents 'hated blacks.'

The tribunal heard that one supporter of the unpopular head was branded a 'Paki lover.'

According to the paper, Singh told the panel she was shocked when a 'malicious in nature' anonymous letter attacking her and written by 'concerned teachers' was handed to the school governors in February last year.

She said she encountered aggression from a group of parents who were described by the previous head as the 'Playground mafia'.

Singh claimed that governors were not supportive and many were part of the campaign to oust her.


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