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I'm not responsible for my wife Mary's suicide, says Robert Kennedy Jr

May 21, 2012 - London

Robert Kennedy Jrm, whose wife Mary committed suicide, has insisted that he was not responsible for it.

While delivering a eulogy to his estranged wife, Mr Kennedy scion of the famous Kennedy family, spoke of the troubled life that she had and admitted that she resented him for asking her to give up her career to have children.

His wife's family went to court on Friday to try stopping her from being interred in a Kennedy family plot in Centreville, Massachusetts. But the burial that was attended by actors Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon and Larry David, and tennis champion John McEnroe went ahead following a funeral service at St. Patrick's Church in Bedford, New York.

Ethel Kennedy, Mr Kennedy's mother and RFK's widow, Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy's daughter, and Maria Shriver, another cousin, who is married but separated from Arnold Schwarzenegger were others present from the Kennedy family.

In his tearful eulogy, twice married Mr Kennedy told the mourners that a day before she was found hanging in the barn of the home they once shared together in upstate New York she had called him and said 'I was a good girl' to which he replied 'I know you are and you still are'.

'She really fought so hard. She had these demons, and she didn't deserve it. I know I did everything I could to help her,' he said.

Friends of Mrs Kennedy have suggested that she was distraught after separating from her husband, who filed for divorce in 2010 and is now in a relationship with Cheryl Hines, the star of the television show Curb your Enthusiasm. Robert had not completed the divorce proceedings.

Mrs Kennedy, 52, had alcohol problems and reportedly had a history of addiction to prescription drugs.

But Mr Kennedy in his address appeared to suggest another reason for his wife's unhappiness, her decision to leave the trendy neighbourhood of SoHo in downtown Manhattan for the suburban commuter town of Mount Kisco and to give up on a promising career as an architect to care for the couple's four children.

"She was a SoHo girl. She blamed me from taking her away from her profession," the Telegraph quoted Robert as saying.

"She was the most extraordinary woman I ever met. I had feelings for her that I will never have for another human being. Her greatest quality was her courage," he said.

All six children of Mr Kennedy attended the service with Robert F Kennedy III, 28 and Kathleen, 23, his children from an earlier marriage being the pall bearers along with their father and half brothers, Conors, 18, and Aiden, 11. Daughter Kyra, 16, read from Psalm from Bible, the couple's third son is William, 14.

Larry David, a close friend of the family and who stars alongside Ms Hines in Curb your Enthusiasm was unable to deliver a speech as he was too distraught to speak.

After the service, Mrs Kennedy's four children knelt beside her flower-covered coffin to pray and bid a final goodbye to her as a bell tolled.

Mourners then were driven by buses and cars to the burial site that is four hours away at St Francis Xavier Cemetery, where Mr Kennedy had purchased eight new plots last week.

Her casket was placed a short distance away in a new row from other Kennedy graves.

The Richarson family will be holding a memorial service for Mrs Kennedy on Monday at a tredy hotel in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. They had argued in the court that since Mrs Kennedy was separated from her husband they should be allowed to take care of her funeral arrangements.


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