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Five dies in German hostage episode

July 4, 2012 - Karlsruhe, Germany

A rent-evicting man has kept four people hostage Karlsruhe and had barricaded himself in his flat along with the hostages. Police forces have stepped to evict the man from his flat after they are called and informed about some shooting in the flat.

With evacuation being the only way out, police forces in hundreds and few police commandos are deployed and the nearby school and kindergarten was evacuated. The hostage flushing process began at around 9 AM local time. The Baden-Wuerttemberg special police forces broke into the apartment after smelling smoke and have recovered the four bodies and that of the hostage-taker.

Police feel that the hostage-taker is a hunter after a several weapons are recovered. The four other bodies recovered belong to a locksmith, a court bailiff, the flat-owner and a prospective tenant. It is believed that the body of the prospective tenant is that of a woman.

Karlsruhe is located in Southern Germany.

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