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International News on February 25, 2012

Pak envouy Rehman summoned to Islamabad to update govt. on US-Pak ties
Pakistan's envoy to the United States, Sherry Rehman, has been called to Islamabad to brief the government on bilateral ties as the country prepares for a joint session of parliament to review relations with the US. ANI

Man behind Obama 'HOPE' poster admits to lying about image source
The Los Angeles street artist behind the iconic Obama "HOPE" poster pleaded guilty on Friday to lying about the photograph he used to create the image. ANI

Afghan officials, insurgent group respond positively to Gilani's join peace process appeal
Afghan officials and an insurgent group have reacted positively to an appeal by Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for all stakeholders to enter into an intra-Afghan dialogue to stabilise their country. ANI

Office phone filthier than toilet seat
You can get seasonal flus and colds from using office phones, experts have warned. ANI

Discretion 'key to win Prince Harry's heart'
An author has offered some tips to the legions of admirers of Prince Harry on how to win his heart. ANI

Helena Christensen says she likes old-fashioned bras
Helena Christensen, who has been whipping her clothes off for modelling jobs for a long time, has said that she "not really a Wonderbra girl". ANI

Princess Diana's ex leaves trust fund to lover Padma Lakshmi's baby
A billionaire who once dated Princess Diana has left his trust fund for his former girlfriend's daughter, even though he is not the father of the child. ANI

'One congressman's views on Balochistan don't represent US'
US congressman David Dreier has said that the views of one man do not represent that of the entire state, and that most US lawmakers do not agree with earlier expressed views regarding Balochistan. ANI

Eliot Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupre to open lingerie store
Ashley Dupre, who became a public figure when it was disclosed that she was the woman at the centre of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, has gone from selling sex to sexy lingerie. ANI

Over one in 10 Cambridge students sell drugs to pay varsity fees
Over one in ten students studying at the prestigious Cambridge University have admitted to selling drugs to pay their tuition fees, a poll has revealed. ANI

Kayani instructed Pasha to investigate Memo Gate scandal: Ijaz
Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz has said ISI chief Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha had told him that Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had instructed him to investigate the Memo Gate scandal. ANI

Obama's approval stagnant despite increased consumer confidence in American economy
A new poll has shown that US President Barack Obama's approval has remained stagnant over the past few months despite increased consumer confidence in the economy. ANI

Chinese official warns Tibetans to 'oppose separatism, obey country's law'
A Chinese Communist Party official has warned Tibetans to oppose separatism and obey the law, as he visited an area in the country that has been at the center of many recent self-immolation protests. ANI

US Congressman Rohrabacher brands Pakistan as "hard-core, two-faced enemy" of America
US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who had tabled the Balochistan resolution in the US House of Representatives earlier this month, has branded Pakistan as "hard-core, two-faced enemies of the United States," and "not fragile friends". ANI

Gilani asks Afghan Taliban to join peace process
Pakistan has publicly appealed to the Taliban and other Afghan groups to join an 'intra-Afghan process' for advancing the cause of reconciliation and peace in the country. ANI

'Wind-rift' erosion may have formed linear dunes on Earth and Saturn's moon
A new study has supported the theory of erosional origin of some linear dunes that are widespread on Earth and Saturn's moon, Titan. ANI

Secret Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' found in Turkey
A recently re-discovered secret Bible in which Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad to Earth has sparked serious interest from the Vatican. ANI

Love hormone 'predicts how long your love will last'
Just how long a relationship will last can be predicted by the amount of "love hormone" in the bloodstream of a newly smitten person, a new study has claimed. ANI

Man sends pics of sex with girlfriend to girl's mum and 14-year-old brother
A US man allegedly took pictures of himself and his lover having sex and sent them to several contacts in the woman's phone, which included her mum and 14-year-old brother. ANI

Secret US cable says Pak insurgent havens thwarting US strategy's success in Afghanistan
The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan had sent a top-secret cable to Washington warning that the continued presence of enemy havens in Pakistan was thwarting the success of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. ANI

Sri Lankan govt. report claims '9000 people died in final phase of civil war'
About 9,000 people died in the war-torn north of Sri Lanka during the controversial final stages of the bloody civil war against Tamil rebels in 2009, according to a government report. ANI

US 'beefing up defenses in Persian Gulf to counter Iran's Strait of Hormuz blockade threat'
The United States is beefing up its sea and land-based defense systems in the Persian Gulf to counter any attempt by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, the world's most important oil shipping route. ANI

Pakistan has proof of foreign powers trying to destabilise Balochistan: FO
Pakistan has indirectly blamed India among other foreign powers for creating disturbances in Balochistan and interfering in its affairs, claiming that it has proof to prove its point. ANI

Hitler's long lost art collection discovered by Czech historian
A collection of paintings once belonging to Adolf Hitler has been found in the Czech Republic. ANI

Zardari vows to visit troubled Balochistan to help brothers in difficult times
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed his willingness to visit Balochistan to hold dialogue with Baloch leaders, saying issues of the troubled province were the top most priority of his government. ANI

US plans to apologise to Pak over Salala air raids 'hindered' by Afghan Quoran burning protests
The United States' plans to apologise to Pakistan for the November NATO air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in the Salala area of Mohmand Agency, have been hindered by riots in Afghanistan over the burning of copies of the Quran at a NATO base on Monday night. ANI

Clinton slams China, Russia's 'despicable' move of opposing UNSC on Syria
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has slammed Russia and China as "despicable" for opposing the United Nations Security Council action on Syria. ANI

Ex Indian-origin Rutgers 'webcam spying' student's trial begins in New Jersey
A former Indian-origin Rutgers student accused of spying on a homosexual encounter, involving his room-mate, is facing trial in New Jersey. ANI

IAEA worried about 'possible military dimensions in Iran's significantly stepped up nuke programme'
The International Atomic Energy Agency has asked Iran to address "serious concerns" about "possible military dimensions" to its nuclear programme, adding that the country has significantly stepped up its ability to enrich uranium in recent months. ANI

Brit-Indian student found guilty of 'luring ex-boyfriend to death' to avenge rape
An Indian origin medical student in Britain has been found guilty of playing a role in a plot to kill her ex-boyfriend for revenge after he tried to rape her. ANI

Stellar mass black hole discovered in far away spiral galaxy
Astrophysicists including one of an Indian-origin, studying X-rays emitted a long time ago in a far away galaxy, has unmasked a stellar mass black hole in Andromeda, a spiral galaxy about 2.6 million light-years from Earth. ANI

Men replacing newspapers with smartphones as toilet reading material
Taking the newspaper to the toilet has long been a proud male preserve, but now the tech age has affected even this most established masculine habit. ANI

Fear of being laid off affects employee performance
The feeling that one is going to lose their job worsens satisfaction levels in other areas of life, such as family, health, financial circumstances and the work-free time balance, a new study has found. ANI

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