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Ex-British PM Blair says 'I'm ready for a comeback'

May 3, 2012 - London

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has decided to make a comeback into UK politics, and believes it is the right time for him to do.

Blair will appear on a joint platform with Labour leader Ed Miliband in July at an event to celebrate the Olympics, and is keen to make an impact in British politics.

He wants to re-engage with British politics after amassing an estimated 20 million pound fortune since leaving office five years ago.

Blair wants to be heard on a range of subjects, and it is signified by his move to hire a public relation expert.

He has recruited Rachel Grant, an Ex-Downing Street and Whitehall press officer who is now communications director at charity the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta)

Blair's close aides are of the opinion the time is right for him to speak out in the UK, as enough time has passed since he was driven from office in 2007 on a wave of disgust at the Iraq War.

'He wants to re-engage in the UK. He has things to say and he thinks it's the right time," The Daily Mail quoted Blair's close source, as saying.

'The question is how he re-enters the UK scene without re-entering domestic politics and interfering with the Labour Party. He wants to intervene where he can add value to political debate, but it will be above party politics," the source added.


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