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European commission withdraws advertisement depicting Indian, Chinese as racist

March 7, 2012 - London

The European commission has been forced to withdraw a video showing promoting the EU amid accusations that it depicts Chinese, Indian and Brazilian cultures in a racist manner.

European commission advertisement shows a white woman facing attack from ethnic minorities.

A row broke out after the enlargement directorate of the European commission, which is responsible for the expansion of the EU, released a video clip that was designed to appeal to young voters, The Guardian reports.

The video, entitled Growing Together, features a white woman dressed in yellow - the colour of the stars of the EU - walking calmly through a warehouse. As a gong sounds, she looks behind her as an aggressive Chinese-looking man shouting kung fu slogans.

As he moves towards her, an Indian-looking man in traditional dress wielding a knife levitates towards her. He is a master of kalaripayattu, a martial art from the southern Indian state of Kerala. As she deals with him, a black man with dreadlocks cartwheels towards her in the style of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art.

The woman stares at the men. She then multiplies herself to form a circle around the men who drop their weapons and sit down. The woman's yellow outfit then turns into the stars of the EU.


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