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Egypt's revolutionaries target military

January 26, 2012 - Cairo

Religious and secular groups are now back on the streets of Cairo demanding the exit of the military from the corridors of power.

According to CBS News, these groups continue to stream into Cairo's Tahrir Square by the tens of thousands, with an endless sea of Egyptian flags.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated the square. Banned under Mubarak, the Islamist party won a majority in recent parliamentary elections. Still intoxicated by the hard-won freedom to speak their minds, many held banners ridiculing the former president.

In one of the many marches out protesting Wednesday, you could hear the people chanting over and over, "Down with the military regime," as they marched to Tahrir Square.

Activists claim that security forces have killed nearly 100 protestors since the military took power when Mubarak's regime fell.

While the military says it will step down after presidential elections in June, many here are not so sure.


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