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Ed Miliband prefers 'big glasses and nasty jumpers' to designer suits

January 2, 2012 - London

Ed Miliband, who has been criticised for being socially awkward, said in an interview that he would be much happier if he did not have to worry about his clothes.

During an interview with a Sunday newspaper, the British Labour Party Politician spoke of his longing to be free of his party's image-makers so he could wear "big glasses and nasty jumpers".

"I used to wear big glasses and nasty jumpers. There are times I wish I could just wear those jumpers again and not have to worry about collars and stuff. Life would be much so much more simple," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

The 42-year-old admitted that he was "uncool" as a young Oxford university student, who was obsessed with politics and only got drunk once on Tequila.

"It must have been in my second year at university.

"You know, some people's awakening at university is drink or drugs - mine was actually about politics," he said.

Miliband said that he "definitely wouldn't designate myself as sexy".

"I think its for other people to make that judgement. I was a late developer, it's fair to say.

"On Wikipedia its used to say it was the lead singer in a band called Twister Psyche at university - a punk band. I wish it was true, but it's not," he said.

He also disclosed how, as an 18-year-old, he went to a school disco "in white trousers and a purple jumper" in his parents' Volvo.

"I thought it was really cool to be driving the Volvo. I'd just learnt to drive and I thought it was ... it was a bit lame actually," he added.


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