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Defence admits part in Sydney Airport bomb scare

July 17, 2012 - Sydney

The defence has admitted that its personnel are responsible for a bomb scare at the Sydney airport on July 4. The admission was posted under the 'hot issues brief' published on the internet.

The incident occurred when hire car staff have found out some devices left in the car at the Sydney Airport at about 1 PM AEST on the July 4 when the staff are clearing the car. The Australian Federal Police and NSW police have immediately stepped in and a section of the domestic airport car parking was cordoned off. The devices are investigated and are found to be two inert improvised explosive device (IED) training aids. The aids are left inadvertently in the back of a vehicle returned to the airport office of a hire car company, following an unspecified defence training activity. The devices are inert and pose no danger to the public.

No airplanes are affected due to the incident at that time. However, it sparked a major security operation at the airport.

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